The opinions. Section 1: University Life.

Hello everyone,

I decided to create a note series after some discussion with my professor and really what this will be is a chance for me to express some grounded opinions and hopefully avoid any ‘out of this world’ ideology. Please note that topics I cover will be of my choosing and what I express, will be what I perceive as grounded, or it will simply be just some dis-satisfaction with something I feel is relevant at the time of writing this note. I will hopefully do this as a sort of test of my “blogging” skills and hopefully I will be able to start my own little page where I can write in my spare time on a wide range of topics that I feel are important, and possibly include some fiction or freefalls that you all remember so fondly.

Alright, so this week’s topic is on University life and really this will probably be more of my dis-satisfaction with University in regards to culture and life. I will begin with the problem of this apathetic attitude that exists in institutions such as Kwantlen, Simon Fraser, and UBC. The lack of direction really upsets me. I mean really? You pay thousands of dollars in tuition and you have not figured out what your end goal is? Could you have not simply remained at home, taken up a part-time job, and attended seminars and career fairs to see which field of work interests you? Good lord, anyways the level of apathy is quite disturbing to me. I recall entering Kwantlen for one reason, and I regret this to an extent, it was to earn a Bachelors Degree so I can qualify to become a Military Police Officer (ie; Lieutenant, Colonel, Captain) Not to be mistaken for police officer, which is essentially a private or corporal, just with police ranks. The term ‘officer’ does not mean they hold a commission (in regards to police forces with the exception of military police).

Over time however I have come to realize that the lifestyle I had in mind, was not what reality was, and that I would not enjoy my time as an military officer. So now here I am, still on track with criminology, with a rough idea of what I want to do upon graduation, that being law enforcement or military, just not amongst the officer ranks. I was disturbed by my level of uncertainty and that as time passed I changed my end-goal several times. This is probably attributed to criminology and the fact that the entire subject genre is comprised of theories. I really hated how it was all theories and nothing else. No application of the theories, no real-world exercises or drills, just another chapter of some twat’s thoughts and predictions of what crime is.

Still the apathetic attitude has led me to question why did I go to Kwantlen and not the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) in the first place? Their law enforcement studies diploma is more practical. It has theories yes, but it also has PT sessions to prepare you for the physical demands of policing, it has fire arms training, and dare I say stress-management courses that prepare you to deal with hostile situations which require you to act with clarity of thought. I suppose it was my dream back in high school and my vision that clouded me from seeing what reality was in regards to the path I had selected back then. Now, two years in, I’m changing to a different credential, still the same subject, with hopes of craving my own path in life instead of following this whole “University” hype.

TO be honest, I pictured University similar to a military academy of sorts, with the exception of the military discipline because it is a civilian institution. Instead, I see apathy (which I have said over and over again previously), I see dissidence, and I see professors forwarding their own agenda and attempting to indoctrinate students into these various anti-authority “clubs” as I describe them. Why? Really? I suppose if old men in Congress sign papers that send young soldiers into conflict zones, teachers are no different will probably answer my question. Things aren’t so different from one another are they? Point of view is important when it comes to figuring out things for oneself.

No, aside from that, I’ve encountered some really lazy little pricks who probably went to University to one, escape reality and two, pretend to be outstanding despite they are complete opposite from what they claim they stand for (Ie: student claims they have communist ideals and yet they enjoy a very good lifestyle because their family is rich). Perhaps I am being all to picky but last time I checked this was my note so moving along.

They have some image in their head that because they went to study for a bachelors that it will guarantee them some nice office job where they can sit around, sip coffee, stare at the ass of the secretary all day and then go party at night. Let me explain what happens, depending on subject, there is either more work to be done ie: further education, or it will still require some form of physical labour. YOU are not spared from work simply because of a piece of paper. Not only that, only certain subjects land you a job, and despite a need for certain, highly educated positions such as medical doctors, it is a really hard thing to do. On top of that, one must be the top of their class as even though we have a demand, it is not all 800,000 students from the school that will be accepted. Out of 800,000, possibly 150 will get the positions. Where does that leave all these highly educated folks? Not to mention your skills need to be updated constantly, and you may not have much free time to yourself as doctors tend to be on call all the time and because you are in that position, all the responsibilities of checking up on patients to putting in your time in the hospital’s emergency wing is on your shoulders and it is up to you to meet those requirements.

University isn’t the be all and end all as it is hyped up to be. There are plenty of good programs in colleges and trades schools that offer students a rewarding career which is well paying too I might add. Of course you do not earn as much as a doctor but hear this, if you earn over 108 thousand dollars, 54% of that pay goes to the government. You earn more, you contribute more, and simply put you don’t pay taxes, who is going to pay for your children’s education? Pay for the road paving crews? Your taxes are important and it does not always go to politicians pockets. I don’t care about what you have to say in regards to thoughts and theories, bottom line is that is where they end up. Other fields include defense, fire, police, the courts, health care, and various other fields you probably never heard of or even thought of in the first place. And then there are the useless programs.

Take Philosophy for example, oh yeah sure, you can now “think” but is there an applicable skill to be marketed? No. It will not help you build new and inspiring architecture, it will not help you interpret legislation, and it will certainly not help you invent the next new technique to capture, store, and use energy. I have no idea why students make such a choice but hey, who am I to judge right? (Slightly sarcastic).

They have some mutated idea in their head that University is everything. BCIT is not a University, but it is a technical school which offers more practical programs, all of which leads to a technical field of some description. However some programs such as draftsmen have limited employment scopes at times because contract companies change their draftsmen all the time to match their client’s design needs. Like I said, there are other options than simply falling onto the bandwagon of University, maybe you see my point after this long statement, maybe you won’t. But hey what you do in the end is up to you.

Anyways I hope this pilot post was a interesting one to read, it certainly was fun for me to write this and we’ll see you next week for another one. I am now off to….I don’t know, review my criminal law notes and relax. I’ll see you next time.


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