Off the Record

Hey readers,

For those of you who have met me in person, you all know that I’m a very talkative person and that I always have something to say. Now while it is all good and dandy, most of you might wonder how I might relax in an information-flooded environment such as today with the internet, TV, and word of mouth.

I do not totally shut down during my down time. More often than not I have questions in my head that need answering, so I go online to answer them, of which this takes up the vast majority of my spare time. In my spare time I also like to be creative, and one of the ways I express this creativity is minecraft classic (because minecraft classic’s multiplayer enables free build, and there is no resource gathering as in the current build of minecraft). If the server didn’t disappear so suddenly I would direct you to it, but as it stands my 4 city-states have vanished into the void, forever forgotten and never to be found again. However this new server I am on, I have made something similar to Gilneas from World of Warcraft. That Victorian British style atmosphere (though my buildings somewhat lack such style) and the great wall that is both a defence for the country and the reason for its isolation.

In all honesty, my mind never really “shuts down” totally when it comes to answering the possibly trillions of questions in my mind. However I do manage to relax despite the numerous questions floating around in my head, and at times I do run into the brick wall of indecision of which plagues us in today’s fast-paced, choice-filled environment. Really, there are a lot of choices when it comes to leisure activities, and because I want to do them all sometimes, I end up not doing any of them simply because I just can’t decide which to start with, that or I procrastinate and wind up wasting time on youtube, watching Totalbiscuit ramble on about professional conduct in games journalism and giving first impressions on game titles of which without his series, I would have never found such treasures of which have given me countless hours of entertainment.

Of course when I do have a problem of sorts (such as questions related to careers or personal concerns), I try counseling. While there have been some good counselors, most were passive and often just spoke out in vague statements and then I was out the door. Whether or not I solved the issue at hand was my own problem, and therefore I have concluded that counselors are relatively useless, at least the ones at my University.

So to give the answer to whether or not Vince relaxes, yes I definitely do. However my spare time is not entirely comprised of sitting around sipping on drinks and watching TotalBiscuit go nuts. While that type of relaxation is not absent from the spectrum of spare time, answer searching also occurs in my downtime as that is probably the only time I get to answer all the little questions that float around in my mind.

Anyways this has been an off the record topic. I titled it off the record, because it is simply just what is on my mind rather than an opinion piece. Thank you very much for reading, and I’ll see you later.

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