Off the Record. 18 July 2012

Hey everyone,
So I’ve ran into a scenario I like to call “ideas in head, on paper, one typed, feels that it is low quality” syndrome. What this means is I have the next topic ready to go 75% (complete), however I feel that it is, well, low quality. I don’t know I’ll probably post it later on this week but thus far I’ve had little motivation to write a whole bunch like in the first few weeks of this blog being up.

I think once a week for any major topic for the “opinions of Vince” section ought to be enough with a few “off the record” posts now and then to liven up the blog. This is the plan, as I realize that doing more ‘opinions’ posts might in fact tire me out or give me more work than what I can safely handle.

So this digital distribution client called Steam is having a summer sale until July 23rd, of which I was able to acquire some games at a relatively low cost. Suffice it to say I’m really liking this digital distribution system. It’s fast, easy to use and you can get games that are on sale that would otherwise price at 30 dollars or more (games that have been out for at least 3 months. New releases there is no contest, it’s either full price or maybe 10% off). This also cuts out those annoying brick and mortar retailers that in all honesty, eat up most of the sales. Adding to the issue is at times these stores will have a used copy of a game on sale and when a customer wishes to buy the game, the store employee then dives in to offer the used game instead, thereby giving the store all the profits and the developers and publishers see nothing from that particular sale.

Totabiscuit has a point, digital is the best route to go in regards to games. Music has already gone that route, movies also (admittedly there are still stores that carry DVDs/Blue Rays, and music CDs). Nevertheless, I’m liking this digital distribution system. It’s good for this particular product.

So aside from Steam sales, I had an exam for a class, and work. Apart from those it’s thinking of how to polish up this topic I’m working on before I post it. I said I would try to do a topic at least once a week and I intend to keep that promise, but understand that it may not be on a specific day as originally intended. Hopefully it will be up to snuff when it comes out and I hope you will all enjoy reading it.

Anyways, this has been an Off the Record post/small update. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.


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