Off the Record. 28 July 2012

(Note this was written on the 22nd of July 2012)

Hey readers,

So I was watching this video earlier (22 July 2012) and what it was essentially, was a man giving a speech at a University commencement ceremony (University of Oregon). His message was: “Your generation will be the generation that fixes this mess”. Well, these are my thoughts about ‘your statement’.

I grow tired of their statements of “You’re the generation that is going to fix this”. Last time I checked, you’re not dead yet, so why is it that you cannot at least lay down the foundations so that our task is on its way and we simply have to continue the work? Their only excuse is: “Were getting old”. Old, means’ nothing my good friend, you can still do something, lay down the foundations, get something started so that we may simply walk the path and continue your work.

Instead, you push on us this image that we will fix everything, so that you can then return to your retirement homes and live out the rest of your days drunk and fat. Instead of an inspirational speech, all I see is this: “Oh well were ‘almost’ gone so why don’t you do the fixing for us!” All I see is idleness, and what they are doing, is simply running away from their troubles and leaving someone else to fix it. Didn’t our grandparents teach them the meaning of responsibility? When you spill a glass of milk, you immediately get to work cleaning it up, not walking away and leaving the puddle for the toddler to crawl around in and for it to dry up into a mark on the floor that smells and stains.

Yeah, “You’re the generation that is going to fix all of this”. So does this mean that you will simply walk away? Is this some sort of act to make yourself feel better, “Oh I gave a speech on how they will fix things, I feel better now because I simply showed the task off to the next generation. I’m too old for this so I will now put up my feet and sip on my wine”. Well, what a useless bunch of meat. Nothing more than loud, annoying, lazy sacks of meat, existing only to leech off the hard work of the younger generations.

Great speech, maybe next time you’ll include a clause whereby it goes like this: “As we lay down the foundations in hopes of creating a better future, it is my hope that you will continue our work. For our task will take generations, and we will not live to see even a fraction of the task complete. Therefore I encourage you to take up our mantle, and carry on our work so that we may fix our current situation”.

Anyways, I’ve spoken enough. You the readers decide for yourselves whether or not my statement is relevant. I’ll see you next time.

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