Off the Record. 06 August 2012

Evening readers,

So just to update you before I proceed, there will be no Opinions topic today as I have an assignment to complete for a class of mine (ironically the time used for this topic would have been better allocated towards the assignment). Nevertheless, I will produce something for the readers.

Lately I’ve had a lack of ideas (and motivation) to write. I suppose the excitement of publishing articles on a blog and having some ideas float out there has warn off and I am now seeing it as more of a chore than anything. This is also because at the moment I see myself at a dead-end corner (not permanently but currently it seems that way), and I question myself every day why do I not look for a more practical program of study that is still within the legal system’s borders of which I hope to find a career someday (and subsequently serve my country).

To answer my dead-end corner “thing” if you can call it that, it feels like a dead end because there is no guarantee of anything. Could it be me living in self-doubt? I’m not certain, but what I do know is all the theories taught in class, feels empty. Like a politician’s promise, just empty and meaningless. I just wish there was something out there that is similar yet has courses teaching practical skills injected amongst the curriculum. I’m sorry but I have little interest in living out my days doing research for think-tanks, plain and simple. If I wanted that, I would have gone to a University with a solid background in research and development, not to some “newblood” institution where they have not even had a good publication from the departments that are involved in research.

Now to answer the question most have in mind, the program at the Justice Institute, isn’t as helpful as one would like it to be. For starters none of the classes (except for 4) are transferable. That means that if you want to leave after a year and go to a different college or University, you will be starting from scratch. Frustrating I know, and sadly due to economic constraints, I cannot simply look for a program out of province. Many would point to student loans but understand that mounting debt is never a good idea, and that the government can be fairly aggressive when collecting the loans you took out years ago, just bear that in mind.

So I will have to grudgingly continue onwards, but graduation is close seeing as now I have plans to shorten my program. Afterwards, we’ll see what happens next. Shame there wasn’t more options in terms of “academy” settings (such as the Royal Military Academy Sanhurst, where it is NOT a university, but rather a training institute where Officers are made, and where NCOs who have risen from the ranks can become Officers (which also adds to the point that a degree (piece of paper) does not guarantee that you will make a good leader especially in situations where stress is high)).

Now as I continue to think about my assignment, I’m quite surprised at the level of procrastination I seem to be showing. I would take a guess as to this might be linked to the level of dissatisfaction with my program, thus the motivation to get it done fast and first has all but disappeared. Maybe I’ll find something in the future that will spark my interest, but I am cynical at the moment. If I stuck my head up in the clouds, I would be living in a dreamworld, and that is something I despise (especially those sheltered children who think the world is peaches and cream. This is also where the Kony 2012 group collects their “recruits” from.). I find it funny when a friend of mine says: “Oh have hope, you’ll find it one day. You’ll be walking around and suddenly it will all fall into your lap”.

Maybe for you, not only because you come from a wealthy background, but also because your an artist (normally the artistic types I encounter (including painters and performing arts specialists as I term them) have a rather ‘over the top’ level of enthusiasm). I suppose it is because they choose to ignore such problems as financial stability etc and instead throw it all in a very risky (and sometimes rewarding) gamble.

Ultimately, we all have different outlooks on life, so I should not be complaining. We all have our “right to choose, yes” (sarcasm).

Anyways, this has been an Off the Record. Thank you all for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


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