The Opinions. Section 5: Missionaries

Hello readers,

So over the week I’ve ran into some rather, “colourful” characters. To be honest, they were missionaries, of course the most common of them all, the Christian missionaries. Now up to this point, I have had little issue with these folks going around and preaching, however lately there have been some smaller sects looking to expand their sphere of influence, and thus have begun a campaign of subtle yet aggressive advertising.

I suppose it is because the mainstream media of today (especially the market) utilizes eye-catching and loud techniques to draw the attention of some. It is of no coincidence that these missionaries will follow suite, collecting each skill and in turn utilizing them to the fullest in hopes of drawing in some “raw recruits” as I term them.

It only gets annoying when the subtle advertising becomes subtle aggressive advertising where on public space they post all their little pamphlets and drop off all these stories that are written by Christian authors. That’s when it becomes a no no.

Last time I checked, were not in the middle east, we are a secular country, and by secular we mean no one religion has dominance over the other. If you were in Saudi Arabia, fine it isn’t Canada and thus you can make up whatever laws you desire (incidentally their laws are religious teachings and therefore only Islam is permitted to be practiced and observed while foreigners are not allowed to practice anything outside of Islam. Now conversion is welcomed, however not entirely required. You just cannot practice any other religion, other than Islam in Saudi Arabia).

Still I can understand why they would do this, secularism does not mean they cannot go about preaching, and at the end of the day devout believers will go about preaching to gather more followers to their cause. But I digress, back to the annoying missionaries.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are the ones who go about aggressively preaching to outsiders. It isn’t the Christian community’s fault at all, I have friends who hold their beliefs dear to their hearts but will not go about shoving it down people’s throats, holding up books to Sikhs and various other denominations in a way as to give off the message of: “Heathen! Convert now or perish amidst the fires of the lord!”

In all my years, no other sect has done this much aggressive advertising as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Good lord, it would seem that their goal in life is to go about, pressing the bible in people faces and making other Christians who are not at all aggressive in their beliefs, sink their heads in shame as this small group of individuals goes about smearing the name of Christianity.

Still, despite my frustrations I know full well that they will not simply go away (although you can walk away, close your door, ignore them etc). What I mean by that is the aggressive preaching tactic is not a new phenomenon. The Spanish Inquisition, the Catholic church and their many spies, and finally the missionaries, the real church appointed ones who traveled with the expeditionary forces of various European nations (yes I do place the Vatican as an ‘official’ office and thus their appointed missionaries are SOMEWHAT more legitimate). This aggressive tactic is neither new nor will it disappear anytime soon. In the end these folks require numbers to stay afloat, and numbers is what they will aim to gather. That does not mean that they will succeed, but as long as it does not become thug-like behaviour with knives and harmful liquids, they can go knocking on people’s doors all they like.

Ultimately, we can treat them as air, simply flowing past us as we walk the plains of our existence. So to summarize, my thoughts on missionaries are: I’m not much of a fan but as long as their subtle/semi-aggressive advertising remains as such (and restricted to certain TV channels as well), I’ll just look the other way. In this world, we must all decide for ourselves what we believe in when it comes to spiritual matters.

Thank you very much for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


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