Off the Record. 23 August 2012

Morning readers (it’s morning on the pacific northwest),

So here I am, relaxing under the grey sky (sadly, and now I know why my friend prefers Montreal. It’s 27 over there, whereas here it’s 17 degrees), and since I have some time to spare, I felt like doing an Off the Record just to liven up my blog. During my school days I tend to post at a somewhat scheduled and moderate pace, however since I have two weeks or so free, I will post whenever I can and when I get an idea to post (and hopefully these ideas I will not regret posting).

Earlier this week, I began to realize how much my circle of friends has “shrunk” so to speak. I loose some due to a lack of communication, and this second group I don’t really “loose” for say, but they are not in the same city as me anymore. This is why I placed shrunk in quotations, because the second group has simply moved to another city in pursuit of education and/or employment. And thus the goodbyes, are never permanent (at least I hope!).

For me however, I have less and less close friends around to hang out with, and share experiences. It’s sort of depressing to think about, because at the university I’m studying at, no one sticks around to socialize. Because there is no residence on campus and because the clubs there are poorly organized or are part of a particular “ethnic-cultural” niche community (for example Bhangra clubs, while open to the public, generally attracts those who are already familiar to this cultural item and have an interest in participating), you seldom meet people who then go on to join that circle of close friends. It’s a shame really, but I guess not every university has a well developed student life system (if I can even term it as such).

Oh well, I’ll just go visit them where ever they may be (unless in another country, at least not as often due to travel expenses and those long hours in flight). That should solve my small dilemma, though I will miss them, all of them.

Right, I feel much better now that is out of the way, blogging is a healthy way to stay sane (or so a professor claims). Also I checked my grades a few seconds ago, and I am relieved to have passed the course with a strong mark. It isn’t a ‘A’, but I can use it as a transfer grade and I can graduate with it, good lord was that a hair-raising few seconds. I am certain those who read this, and who have experienced college or university life in regards to academic performance, will understand where I am coming from. Even tradesmen with their 80% cutoff, that’s a scary situation. Ah man, 80% cutoff, it’s literally sink, or swim. I recall a friend once told me that his 80% on this electrician’s course was the highest grade in the class, and considering that 80% if the cutoff percent, that’s pretty scary. And while it is somewhat frightening, I know that with this cutoff, the electricians who graduate from that institution, will be qualified and capable, of performing on the job.

Uhh, what else can I do on this Off the Record, oh, aggressive waitresses. Oh yes, good lord has that been eating at my side for a few days now. So there was this waitress yeah at this pub me and my friends went to a few mights ago. When I tipped, apparently, in her mind, it wasn’t the amount she wanted. So she shot me a dirty look (and not the good kind) and told me to my face, I was supposed to give a larger percentage.

My initial thought was: “Ok, that was unexpected”. Afterwards I had to ‘cool off’ mentally speaking, it was….interesting, for a lack of a better word. Honestly, lady, all you did was bring us our food and drinks, the sort of duty that you receive your regular wage for. If it was an excellent service, fine, I will give you this larger percent, but all you did was the regular task you do day in and day out. It was not like I didn’t tip at all, I did. Just, if you think, you can live off the tips you get, well then your gonna get a rather unwelcoming wake up call. Not everyone, can throw 50 dollars your way in tips, not everyone, can spare 85 dollars. If you really want to earn a much better wage, here’s a tip (pardon the pun), stop going to night clubs every single night, stop shopping for 400 dollar shoes, and start looking at programs at a college where you can study, graduate, and move out of minimum wage work. You do not look like someone who cannot afford schooling, and even then, at least in my country, there are government programs out there that help you go back to school. There you go, problem solved. Now you can put away that immature look on your face and start acting on this strategic plan.

Good, now that topic is also off my chest, funny, this Off the Record has morphed into a therapy session. Well, I guess I title it Off the Record for a reason right? Anyways, you’ve been a great audience. Thanks a lot for reading, and I’ll see you next time.

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