Update. 31 August 2012

Evening readers,

So I’ve noticed that I have not put out content which was previously proposed. I apologize for that, I had some personal details to attend to and, well at the end of the day, this is a spare time blog so, tough.

I hope to put out something this coming Saturday (PST), so expect something then. No it was an interesting week to say the least, and today I’ve had my wardrobe terrorized (at my request), and is now sort of recovering from PTSD ( that’s Posttraumatic stress disorder for those of you unfamiliar with the term).

So I’ve got a narrative lined up and ready to post. Technically speaking I could do it this evening but, no. I have it scheduled for Saturday and that is what I will be doing.

Now as for the Opinions of Vince section, well the ideas are still there and when I get the chance to I will write on those topics. Right now I’m not entirely motivated to write on those topics so I’ll leave them be until such time is appropriate where I can successfully piece together something for you all to enjoy. Until then, you will wait patiently like good little school children alright? Good.

Alright, enough from me for this evening. I’ll see you next time.

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Creating articles related to the games industry and military news.

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