Off the Record Narrative. 01 September 2012

Hello readers,

This is another narrative I have been working on. I hope you all enjoy reading it. There is no title for this story because it does not really connect to anything. Perhaps “Entry” would be most suitable. In any case, here you go folks, enjoy.


The banners fluttered in the wind, their torn, soft, blue and gold fabric flew freely in the gentle morning breeze. The signs of battle were evident all over the landscape. The disturbed earth was littered with the corpses from the night before. Hundreds of them, lie motionless as I resumed my walk forward down the valley. The soft mud sucking my now dull black boots into the earth, each step felt like a fight against the earth itself. The silver of my breastplate, shone in the small glimpses of sunlight peeking out from the clouds above. The morning breeze was surprisingly cold, but thankfully I had a pair of fine leather gloves at my disposal. Everything was so, calm, calm enough to the point I could hear birds in the sky. A rarity given the current situation in the next valley where the sounds of muskets and blades could be heard. Muffled, but undeniable. Despite this battle being over, the actual fight had gone on through the night, and into the early hours of the morning.

Pity, I thought we had done a stunning job of wiping out these rebels. But I suppose it is, not possible to kill all of them in a single engagement. After all, this was their turf, and we were the ones foreign to this land. All this despite the fact that we were the true masters, that we, are the ones who brought these lost souls over here to settle in this new world. I suddenly realised that my left leg was in pain, and when I looked down I was greeted with a wound I had sustained sometime earlier. How did it get there? Only the good lord knows, for I was too focused on advancing the frontline and driving these rebels out of Boston. The general said it would be a quick fight, instead, we were drawn into an almost three day struggle for the city of which the fighting then proceeded to pour into the countryside, and this is where I stand right at this moment. Starring at the lifeless corpses of the men who once knew me by name, and what my history was.

The other officers disliked my, informal approach to command, but I found that it suited my needs better. After all, knowing your men’s personal lives and they knowing yours goes a long way to building stronger bonds that will serve you will in the heat of battle. For me, I find this elitist attitude unfitting of an army officer. There is no room for patronizing in my books. Sadly, I’m a rare breed, and this ‘trend’ of patronizing will likely continue on for at least a while longer. Heh, a while longer, that was what my wife asked me when I was still back in England.

The grass was still moist as the sun slowly creeped over the horizon. I could see the crystal formations of moisture on each blade. Some of it even had migrated onto the uniforms of my men, oh that all so common red now moistened and bloodied. Their finely crafted muskets now caked in bits of dirt and black powder residue. I dare not disturb their rest, for this may be their escape from the cruel existence that so many of us are left to wander in. Perhaps, it is time I too joined their ranks, yet, the heavens are cruel and unusual in that they seem to have taken everything from me, except my own life. As if to, mock me and torment my soul from beyond the veil of time and space.

The Scottish pipes are beginning to sound, those familiar, primitive yet beautiful pipes. The Royal Scots were preparing to advance on the rebel columns over the ridge. This is where I conclude my memoirs, for these Scots are my boys, and I must lead them from the front beyond the ridge. True leaders are not only connected to their men, they are more than willing to share the dangers the brave lads face and, it is my duty, in the name of king and country, to lead these men to eternity.

Farewell my friend, I believe there is a better world out there waiting for us, and I’ll be waiting for you there.


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