Off the Record. 05 September 2012

Hello again readers,

So the past two weeks were fun and enjoyable (as should be, considering how I took summer semester, despite knowing I would be annoyed by it somewhat). Thankfully for the two weeks I was able to do stuff with friends, and in the end was enough for me (my coffers would have been drained to zero if I had a full 4 months). Nevertheless, I will share my adventures with all of you. No it will not be like “there and back again, a hobbit’s tale by Bilbo Baggins”, I wish I fought dragons, found gold, allied with Dwarves and wound up somewhere in the northlands. No my adventures were a bit more grounded to reality. I will start with one particular item of interest that you might all like to know about, the pulled pork pancakes. Oh yes, like heaven on a plate.

Now there’s this cafe in Vancouver somewhere, goes by the name of Red Wagon. Now this cafe is a small cafe, about….I would say, good lord I have forgotten how to measure a room. Uh….it can fit…a total of……let me think…..roughly 35 – 41 people max? Somewhere around there, anyways so me and my two friends we head down there after months of planning and deliberation. When the item in question arrives, it looked like something out of epic meal time, only slightly smaller and does not contain 40,000 calories. Suffice it to say it was delicious, and I think I might go back sometime in the near future because not only was the service good, the pulled pork pancakes were essentially an hour or so of tasty bliss, an escape from the horrors of reality. The rest of the day was spent looking at albums at a music store, and that part isn’t as interesting, so onto the next story.

I had asked a friend to assist me with my wardrobe yes, so off we went on this adventure (which later on I somewhat regret doing and quickly went back to recoup my losses). I was then put through what I like to term: “POW uniform fitting”, in which any size smaller than your normal wear, was given to you, and you had to suck it up. Well I was not satisfied with the results, so I consulted another friend who was gracious enough to help me a few days later. It was like recovering from Posttraumatic stress disorder as the stores I was taken to, had an excellent selection of items to choose from. Some of which reminded me of a military coat worn by the cadets from the US military academy at West Point (hence the term I used for the coat: “The West Point coat”). The day after was spent travelling back to that maze of a mall to fix or terminate the items that were undesirable. I know now what I like to wear, what looks good on me, and I think I need to be a bit more careful when asking for help and advice. Funny, I’m the one who preaches “take advice with a grain of salt”, and yet this past weekend, I did not. Alright, what else is there to talk about….ah yes……the Expendables 2.

Now normally I would not be overly obsessed with a film (I lie, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Last Samurai, Letters from Iwo Jima, Flags of our Fathers, The Dark Knight, and the list goes on), but Expendables 2 was something, different. I go in with two of my friends yes, and for the next two hours, I was bombarded with pure action (the story itself was fairly self-explanatory). Never before had I enjoyed an action flick that much on the first go, because films I’ve seen in the past (such as True Lies, Die Hard), they had a bit of a slow start. However in the Expendables 2, the action starts within the first 3 minutes. It was filled with Guns blazing, angry drug cartel guerrillas dying, and Jet Li making a minority joke to the….who was the brain-dead, truck-faced mercenary again? I forget, but the point is afterwards the film goes onto showcase some humor bits and more gun action. This is probably the film tickling my inner cranium where the primal instinct slumbers. Anyways, best 10.50 I spent (not including popcorn, that comes separately and the butter is also sold separately, go figure). Right….what else can I pluck out of my brain that you would be interested in reading about, lets’ see.

Well aside from seeing a friend who was from out of town, and playing a ton of Civilizations 5 with another friend (of whom we shared between us some interesting names for conquered cities), there is not much else I can tell that you would be interested to read about. Therefore I will end this Off the Record piece here. Thank you very much for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


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