The Opinions. Section 6: Letting go.

Dear readers,

So over the past week or two I’ve had this nagging little element. Putting it bluntly, it’s my mind dwelling on the fact that not all of your friends will always be in the same geographic location as you forever. It’s something that has to be accepted and for the most part I understand that, and yet despite my ability to understand, I cannot seem to embrace the truth one hundred percent. Therefore this week’s article will be on learning how to let go and coping with change.

Not every person on this planet likes change, and who can blame them. Sometimes change is terrible, for example a stable country falls into anarchy and disarray. While other types of change could be for the better, some examples being improved technology, a new vibrant and lively city, and the list goes on. I will focus on the good kind of change that may not seem like a good type of change initially and from a specific viewpoint. You would think that after ten years of having to ‘let go’ constantly, that I would be accustomed to such a practice. However this does not seem to be the case, which should not be a surprise considering, that after ten years I had hoped that I would never have to go through this process ever again. It was a mistake of mine to dismiss the fact of reality, that not everyone will be around the same geographical locations as myself.

Working on past experience, I find that I just need time to adjust. I found that the first month of returning to the province in which I reside in, there was a bit of gloom and sorrow. Over time that passed and after a few months I was back to my regular, booming voice, motivated, self once more. Time is the main ingredient in which I must work with in order to cope with this change. Yet despite knowing all of this, I cannot master the art itself. Thereby I will repeat this process of ‘slight depression’ as I like to term it, followed shortly after with a return to normality. It is strange, and even after ten years of operational experience, I still feel the effects of suddenly letting go.

Looks like the phrase from Warhammer 40,000 says it all; “Heresy grows from Idleness”. Toss out the fanatical element in that phrase and we are left with; “In idleness, trouble can stir”. Therefore this is the reason (among a host of others) as to why we must all have a hobby of some sort. Finding something to occupy the mind and keep the hands busy so that we do not make mistakes, or in my case, enter a mental state of shock (if that is even a useable term).

Despite my best efforts, in the end these thoughts return to haunt me. It is natural for someone to grow a bond with friends. Friendship is what makes life worth living and, without it we would all be alone. The people would drown in their sorrow and eventually, self-terminate. This is perhaps the reality of things, that no matter how much time you spend on learning how to let go, you can never learn to fully let go. The reason why you can never fully let go is that the people in your life actually matter to you. Otherwise you would never think about them, speak to them, and spend time with them. I guess there is much for me to learn in regards to human attachment and emotions, for I myself am still young and inexperienced with such a practice. Then again, fully grown adults break down when a loved one or close friend passes away into the hands of god. Thus I suppose I have grasped the concept enough to understand it, but will never fully develop upon it because I am human. That after all the talk and the cheerfulness on the surface, there will always be that circle of friends that you can never truly let go, or have removed from your thoughts. Even after twenty years (in a scenario where they have passed away), we are still reminded of who they were, and that we would wish for one last chance to hear their voice before they depart forever. I know my friends are not dead and that with the help of technology, I can communicate with them with relative ease. Still the truth remains, I will have a difficult time not seeing them around the area in which I live, and that is something that will take some getting used to.

Anyways this has been my thoughts on letting go. In short, letting go, while necessary, will always be a difficult thing to do because we are human beings. Part of our nature is that we care for those close to us, and no matter what we will care for them for eternity.

Thank you all for reading, and I’ll see you next time.

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