Off the Record. 15 September 2012

Hey readers,

Here is another Off the Record for your personal enjoyment, happy reading.

So I was watching Kung Fu panda earlier today (yes, I still enjoy cartoons.) and one thing took me by surprise. This surprise came in the form of a character by the name of Tigrus, one of the furious five who, grew up as an orphan in the monastery. While Tigrus is a skilled martial artist and a capable fighter, she lacks patience when dealing with little children, namely a character introduced for today’s episode named Xann (pronounced ‘Zan’). I suppose that, well how do I go about expressing this, it sort of re-educated me on the topic of patience. There was one line by another character that says it all: “It does not matter that you do not get it the first time, or the second time, or the fiftieth time. All that matters is when you need it, it will be there”. Thus today’s topic will be on patience, something I have not explored in recent memory (recent meaning roughly 2 years).

Patience is useless if the operator does not understand how to manipulate it to their advantage. Often at times, we seek a quick resolution, and I can speak from experience as I have often sought out a more rapid solution. Now before I go on, a rapid response is useful in various situations where it is deemed necessary. Like patience, it has to be manipulated, and cannot be applied to every situation. Sometimes patience can become our own undoing as we waited too long to act, and the window of opportunity then closes on us by the time we decide to take action. Patience is not applicable to all situations, rather what is more applicable to all situations is a calm, and steady mind. Patience is merely a tool, another device on the belt of the user.

Now that this small section is cleared up, allow me to return to patience. Yes when a situation is best solved with a carefully thought out plan and patience, we tend to rush to a conclusion. In these situations, mistakes often follow, and in some cases lives are lost. We often overlook patience and rush to our objectives because we are used to having instant gratification. Sometimes it is a simple fact of genetics, as we humans are never perfect and we do not always walk patiently. This is fine, and we must know that of ourselves because if we know ourselves, we can begin to be comfortable with ourselves. This in turn spins into confidence (somewhat), of which will enable us to live out our lives. I know that statement was broad and unspecific but for this Opinions piece, I invite my readers to interpret the work for themselves. Patience is a difficult topic for me to have a concrete thought on, as most of my examples are broad and open-ended.

I guess that is in itself a test of patience, having the mindset to calmly decode someone’s work and find the message amongst the text, takes time and effort. Effort is something we all have but, time on the other hand is a valuable currency these days and for many, there isn’t enough it seems. Hell maybe I’ve missed the point entirely, again this particular opinions piece is open to interpretation by the readers as I really do not have a ‘black and white’ opinion on this matter. For me however, it was important to write about it because in a way, it helps me further solidify my thoughts on this topic.

So, in conclusion, patience is something we all have. Whether we choose to use it and when we use it, is entirely up to us as individuals. Whatever we do with it, we must be prepared to accept both credit and criticism as a result of our actions. Thank you all for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


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