Off the Record. 26 September 2012.

Good morning readers,

I thought I might do an Off the Record just to relax my nerves for a bit. Really I do get nervous when the Opinions pieces are not completely finished, and while I do not draw a fire arm to my head because of it (relax, I don’t do that anyways….), it is quite frustrating not having a fully flushed out topic to write on.

Nevertheless, I have this to write about. Annoying immature university ‘children’. Why do I term them children, well it is simple. If you act like a bloody eighth grader in a university class, your a child. I don’t care if you can drive, do your own laundry, hell even go as far as to organize a party. If your attitude in a classroom setting is not up to snuff, you are a child.
You can do your little ‘giggle-fest’ when you are out of the classroom and just enjoying a stroll through downtown on your way to a club. However when you are in a classroom setting, please refrain from such ‘high school’-like behaviour! Good lord, and the two of them want to enter the nursing program at my school. When the teacher is talking about how to deal with arterial bleeding, they giggle away in the back. Then when it comes time to review and do the practical exam, they fail the exam hands down then complain to the dean citing unfairness and discrimination.
Ladies, unless you were paying attention to the front and coming to the exam well prepared, you will fail. You are training to become a nurse, lives depend on you and your knowledge. IF you cannot meet the highest standards in nursing, you should consider something else for a career. I would far rather have ten nurses that I know that made the cut, than fifty nurses that make a sub-standard. The reason for this bold statement is because a sub-standard, costs lives. They may lack a particular skill that could prevent someone who just so happens to have the condition in question, from passing into the hands of god so to speak. Sub-standards should not exist in my country, for we train our medical professionals to be competent in their fields and expect only the best from them. Leave this sub-standard attitude to your household chores, but do not bring this attitude to my nursing program in any of my country’s universities or colleges.

I just find this type of behaviour to be annoying when in a classroom environment. It is disruptive to the teacher, and to their fellow classmates. Outside of the classroom environment, I couldn’t care less. I could not, care less! They could fool around, giggle, laugh, do pretty much whatever they want to do, and I would not care. They are outside of a professional setting and are simply letting off some steam. This is natural, and I have no issue with them doing so.

It is strange though, out of all my classes I have taken up to this point, none of the students in those previous classes have ever displayed such a lack of respect and self-restraint. If this is the new wave and the next generation, god help us all.

Right, well this concludes the Off the Record topic for the day. Thank you all for reading, and I’ll see you next time.


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One response to “Off the Record. 26 September 2012.”

  1. jasonkwong says :

    Agreed. Quality > Quantity.

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