Don’t try to act like a man, boy

Weeks ago I heard a comment a friend of mine made in regards to soldiers. He stated that only the stupid ones would go forth in the name of country and die in various conflicts around the globe.

Well, here is my response to that statement; the cowards and self-obsessed boys are the ones who remain behind. Boys are not men, they are merely boys. They are too immature to understand the workings of reality, too naive to see the truth.

When the women ask; “where have all the good men gone?” the answer is simple, they were invested in the public enterprise and thus they are busy and occupied. No it is the boys who stay home, bribe, cheat, and steal their way out of serving their country. Granted they have the right to choose, but even when faced with a dire situation they would rather drink, eat, and sleep through the cataclysm.

No my dear friend, idiots like you survive out of luck and laziness. All the good men have already stepped forward to do what they believed was right. They see the bigger picture, while you only see the 16:9 aspect ratio on your monitor as you play video games and drink sodas day in and day out. The good men are not selfish like you, they are not cowards like you, and they are men, not boys. Men understand the meaning of sacrifice; they understand what it means to be loyal. You little boys on the other hand, might not ever learn the true meaning of sacrifice.

So go ahead, drink you coffee and pretend to be a skilled music composer. Step aside as us gentlemen go forth and tackle real world issues. This country is not going to run itself, protect itself, nor educate itself. Good day, boy.


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