A story of traitors.

I cannot believe it; a sub-lieutenant in my country’s military, a bloody spy for the Russian intelligence. While this is not a new phenomenon, it still shocks me to find our own soldiers turning to the enemy’s side.

Government bureaucrats, politicians, I can see becoming turncoats. Even spies who turn into double agents yes, but a commissioned officer of her majesty’s Canadian Forces? Honestly? He is throwing away his life; rather he threw away his life when he walked into that Russian embassy in 2007 to offer to sell national secrets at a base pay for 3 thousand dollars a month, willingly I might add.

The article is on the CBC’s news site if anyone is interested; this is just, I can’t even begin to express my disappointment. See soviet spies turning on the Union and defecting to Canada I can see, Chinese spies defecting to the Americans I can see, and informants defecting to other NATO countries I can see. Yet I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that one of our own, decided to turn against us. The funny part is that he even tried to cite ideological differences as the reason why he went over to the Russians. I doubt Putin’s Russia is anything worth fighting for; a place of anti-democratic practices, of abuse, and a slow grind when it comes to progress.

Perhaps I am just caught in the moment of passion. Perhaps I am simply over-reacting, for the truth is right before us; anyone can turn on any country. Whether the country they formerly served was a paradise or a totalitarian regime, it does not matter. People’s loyalties can sway, changed by the promise of better pay or some sort of perk that their current line of employment cannot offer them.

This sort of defection and discovery of home-grown spies is nothing new. Nation-states always engage in spying and espionage, it is not something new at all. I guess I’m just over-reacting, but then again I know where my loyalties lie. I know where I stand, and therefore I have an opinion when it comes to this sort of affairs.

A story of traitors; maybe in the near future we can modify the title to say: “A story of traitors, and heroes”. We shall see my dear friends, we shall see.

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2 responses to “A story of traitors.”

  1. Greg says :

    Update: Was Canada’s Delisle spying for the Russian mob? http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2013/02/06/f-vp-stewart-russia-mob.html

    “..his controllers in Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) had faint interest in the traditional secrets of science and technology, but loads of curiosity about our grasp of the who’s who within Russia’s corrupt elites.”


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