Update. 12 October 2012

Hello again my readers,

So this is just a small update for the blog. Loads to talk about so, we shall begin with the first item on the agenda; the new section titled: “rhetoric”. This section will contain brief “opinion” bits that have a high degree of exaggeration; exactly as the title suggests. The next item on the agenda is how to navigate the site. So a reader has brought to my attention that in the beginning – before getting used to the site – it was difficult to locate the older items.

So the side bar on the right of the screen there is a section in black bold print titled categories. Click on the one you wish to view and simply scroll down to see the older, archived items. It will take a bit but I am certain without fear nor hesitation that if you can flip through a textbook, you can flip through a web page with the roll of the middle mouse button.

Finally onto our last item for the day; the viewer count. I am pleased to announce that we have surpassed our viewer count of 10 views a day. It seems my work has attracted the attention of others (and hopefully because they enjoy my work). For me, this is a small but significant victory and I hope to attract more readers over the coming months.

Now I am off to select what I will post tomorrow (Saturday, October 13). While I am still writing this; do go check out Schubert – military march. It is a fabulous piece of music and you can easily find it on Youtube. United Kingdom Military March Washington Grays is also a good piece, gives off the; “we are victorious and proud” feeling which is rather uplifting and entertaining. Though I suppose march music is always uplifting, especially these mass band-types. Anyways I am off, I bid thee farewell and I shall see you next time.

Oh and one more thing, the website has an interesting way of dating things, so I count the days based on the clock at the bottom-right of my monitor. I do not know where wordpress is based out of, but for me it is pacific standard time so this might be the difference. It is probably based back east coast, somewhere near Ottawa I presume where it is three hours ahead and thus the 13th of October (the time is now 10:49pm, while it is 12:49am in the central region).


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