Inexperienced fools.

A professor of mine once mentioned how bureaucrats who were in positions of power where they were in charge of the security of embassies and consulates, had never once in their careers set foot in the places they were allocating funds and resources towards. A frightening trend I must say, those who are in charge of security have never experienced the situation themselves.

I understand that they were placed there based on some recommendation from the oval office, yet I cannot help but wonder; “why, have they not experienced the security situation on the ground for themselves”? This would explain why the American consulate in Libya was sacked and their diplomats killed. Those in charge of the security system had no idea about the level of danger in these regions, and the subsequent risk to those stationed at the embassy. It is an embarrassment to those whoever is in charge of security, that one of the facilities under their charge becomes a target for attack and soon after it ‘falls’ so to speak, and the occupants are led to slaughter.

I can hardly care for which university you graduated from, or how long it took you to earn your degree, but when it comes to matter of life and death I expect those in charge of policy surrounding security of important government offices to have a strong grip of the realities in those regions. Living in a bubble of ignorance thinking that the security situation is under control will cost lives, money, and the reputation of the office in which you have entered. Remember the oaths you have taken, remember why you are in charge.

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