Update. 19 October 2012.

Today is a good day for me. Why is it a good day? Well here is the reason; while I was reading through the statistics of how many readers I get and where in the world they are coming from, I stumbled upon some interesting numbers. According to the summaries, I have some Pakistani readers and Austrians as well. This alongside my regular cadre of Canadians and a few Americans of course.

This is very good news for me as I am quite pleased that people are enjoying the articles I publish. At this very moment, words cannot describe how happy I am to have such a diverse group of people reading my works.

Thus, this update is more of a thank you to all my readers who take the time to sift through my posts. Without you, my work will be nothing more than text in cyberspace.

Check back tomorrow – Saturday – for another addition to this blog. Until then my readers, I shall see you next time.

About thoughtsandtopics

Creating articles related to the games industry and military news.

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