The beast at the student’s door.

The midterm exams in a university, is a period of time where many students rush to catch up on all their readings and quickly draft notes to prepare for the day of reckoning. It is an interesting part of the semester, much like the other halves where term papers are due and final exam schedules begin to creep around the corner, laughing at the helpless townsfolk as they scramble for their makeshift weapons and armour (also known as notes). If one is not careful, then the beast that is midterms will come rushing at them, catch them between its’ massive jaws and break the hapless victim in half.

Yes it is a time of great strife, a portion of a four-month semester where things begin to take a rather brutal turn. Just as the students settle into their entrenchments for the semester, in comes the demons from the warp. They pour through, their eyes red with rage, and cries echo into the distance. Only the most prepared and steadfast students will make it through the few weeks in which the beast attacks relentlessly. Yet it is quite interesting to see students manage to rally their troops, gather their resources, and mount a –at times – successful counter attack. Oh how the sound of midterms strikes fear into the hearts of those who must endure it.

However it must be endured, just like the others. It is a test of how well do the students retain the information, and how well they understand it. It is a test of their willingness to continue on with the course, and finally it is a display of force. The student practices their ability to react to a changing environment, and they rehearse the ability to deal with stress. Through midterms, they learn how to deal with challenge. They learn how to improvise, how to adapt, and finally how to overcome. For in the end, midterms are but an obstacle, a hurdle waiting to be tackled. This dear readers, is what I believe the purpose of midterms are in the end. They are established to not only test our knowledge, but to test us as individuals. Can we hold things together under pressure, or do we need another few years of training before we are ready? I wonder, I truly wonder.


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