Games Nostalgia

You know what fascinates me? The memories I have forged through hours of game play. Allow me to explain what I mean with this rather strange topic I have chosen this day. Earlier this evening – October 19 2012 – I was watching a play through of Halo 2 when I realised just how nostalgic the game was for me. The various levels the player went through – despite the players’ strange behaviour when in idle – reminded me of my journey through the game, and how much fun I had with it. When I laid eyes on the introduction to the game, I could not help but think of the game I had lost when I said I did not want it after several years of having my Xbox 360. In all honesty though, I would have never played the bloody game, other than to relive certain key moments which drew me into the story, and subsequently led to the build up in which developed into a love for literature.

Nostalgia, what a curious term, and yet it is appropriate due to the power it holds when it sparks memories long buried in the caverns of our minds as time passes on. I recall me and my friend, the both of us would spend hours on end enjoying this title and contemplating what the next Halo would look like when it was released. We would pull all nighters – or at least until two in the morning which was a big deal back in the day – just to play through the two Halo games released by Bungie, the company behind the series until their departure in 2010.

I think in the end, it was the memories that were worth keeping, more so than the game disk which costs me thirty dollars before tax and after rounding. Really would I have played a title that was older, less refined than its’ successors, and could suddenly freeze up due to the emulating software on the 360 being unable to translate the code on the game disk. What I think truly matters, is the memories one has, and the time spent with friends that truly matters in the end. Much like any pastime out there, it is best enjoyed in a group, and seldom alone – unless we are talking about single-player role-playing games – but even then one could argue that simply having your friends present to witness your stupidity is entertaining regardless if they are involved in the game play or not.

I guess it is true what they say, good memories last a lifetime. This is perhaps the greatest reason why this feeling of nostalgia suddenly appeared earlier this evening. Similar to the dictionary definition; it was a desire to return in thought to a former time in one’s life; a sort of sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former time. I would say this is a fairly accurate statement; wouldn’t you agree my readers?


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