The Currency of Time

Time is a valuable currency. It pays for healing, it pays for entertainment. It pays for precious moments, and it pays for reflection, amongst a host of other items. Time is a valuable mineral, it is something not to be taken lightly, and discarded so suddenly and abruptly. We use it to pay for both good and bad moments, for it is the only currency in our pockets that we cannot manipulate entirely, nor can we control how it is spent. When we spend it, we spend it. It is as simple as that, for when we do something in life, we spend time. We spend it like drunken sailors spend their years’ earnings while in port on leave. Yet there is one thing we can do with time, we can ‘try’ to spend it wisely. Actually put some thought into what we are allocating time towards, and make a real effort to spend it responsibly.

I chose to open this rhetoric piece with that little speech to highlight the importance of wisely spending time. In a day and age where life is fast-pace, and the world around us is rapidly changing, we need to know what we should spend our time on to make the most out of our lives. When people tell us of moments where it is a time to work, and moments when it is a time to play, their statements are not baseless noise and banter. Quite the contrary, it can be taken for face value; something of a rarity in a world of liars and schemers. Oh yes, a time to work, and a time to play. Do not become a workaholic, nor become entrenched in thoughts of play when in the professional environment. However, there is also another reason why I mentioned time as the currency, and that reason is the need of time in situations outside of our control.

Relations can sour, and they can tear apart. Relations can also be rebuilt; however in order to do that, time is the required prime element. Time is what is needed to ensure that preparations are made, and to ensure that everyone knows what role they have in this greater performance. I know I may sound as though I am repeating what I had said to some of my readers; and perhaps you are right. Perhaps I am simply re-stating the obvious; that I am simply repeating what I had said and that you all know how valuable time is in our lives. Perhaps I am wasting my own time talking of this nonsense, a common sense issue that can easily be dealt with on an individual level. However, I may be writing this out of fear; fear that some of you – my dear readers – might waste your time in life. I see examples everywhere in this cursed part of the British Columbia lower mainland; lives wasted, time wasted, a situation which is most unfortunate given some of these people’s backgrounds. Thus I will plead to you; if you are in a position where you can make good use of your time, do so without hesitation. Spend your time wisely on whatever you fancy, for I have no concern what your personal business is in the end. But remember that if you waste the opportunity, the time that you are given, you will have to live with this regret for the rest of your days. My readers, that is something that is not easy to deal with, and can often be the cause of many long nights spent pondering on moments lost. The sense of helplessness, the sense of regret, it etches itself into your brain and will not disappear so easily.

Ultimately I cannot ‘give’ you time, but I can give you the ‘know how’ in regards to using time, and that my friends is worth more than all the gold and jewels on this earth.


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