The Watcher on the Wall

This city, it has changed. The days of the feeling as though it were home, have vanished. Replaced by a sense that I – we – were posted here to serve as the garrison of this city. The people have changed, the environment has mutated beyond recognition, and nothing the council does is making it better. More and more young people are leaving this posting, and who can blame them. This city feels like the wall, a place where it is cold, and barren, and desolate. A place where only those who are trained to handle violent confrontations ever reside, and even then they are only there out of a need for more troops to be stationed along this section of ‘the wall’.

The heart of this city is rotten, and the only thing holding it together, is the council, and the brothers in black; the watcher on the walls, the shield that guards the rest of this nation from the dangers that lurk within. It is a posting where new recruits are hardened quickly, and where officers who have committed some sort of offense, station themselves to avoid scandal and shame.

This city no longer feels like home; it feels like a deployment. A sentence for some past crime that none of us know we have committed, but accept the reality and commit ourselves to our duty. Someday, there will be a new posting, and hopefully it will not be like this one. Hopefully, it will not be like another Castle Black, another section of the wall.


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