Update. November 3, 2012

Good morning everyone,

Well it has been one odd week. The workload for this week has just reached an interesting new high, and as a result I have not had much time to write, let alone conceptualize new articles. Do not worry, the schedule will be the same as usual, however I feel that the Opinions section will need to go on hiatus until further notice. It takes a bit of time to write an article that is – in my opinion – good enough for that section. Another reason is I just want to take a break from it for a few weeks, as some days you just do not have the motivation to write such a lengthy piece.

Now what I can go on about is some new additions I’ve made to the blog. I have added in a suggestions tab on the top black bar. If any of you would like me to write on a particular topic, feel free to leave a comment in that section. I hope this little bit of audience interaction will give me more material with which to create future pieces.

Uh, what else is there to go on about. Oh Remembrance Day is coming up for those of you here in Canada, so remember to purchase a poppy if possible and attend a ceremony if possible. It would be nice to see people paying respects to veterans, however I understand we all have our ‘duties’ in life, so I will not put any pressure on anyone to go. In the end what you do is up to you.

Now as for the semester, good lord has it gone by quickly. I guess that is what happens when you become focused on the assignments and readings along with a list of other reasons. Regardless, I have been able to maintain a steady flow of works for this blog which is nice. I do hope you are all enjoying the works I publish. It gives me great joy to see readers on the site weekly, sometimes daily even.

Uh, it is surprisingly warm out here on the west coast. Lowest it has dropped was roughly 10 degrees? Maybe 8? Regardless, the warm, yet soggy weather I suppose is a much better than -30 weather like that in the prairie provinces here in Canada. Though I will admit, seeing grey skies and rain all the time can get depressing, maybe even claustrophobic at times.

At any rate, that concludes this update. Check back Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 for another addition to this blog. Have a safe and relaxing weekend, and I shall see you next time.

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