So similar, so different.

We all the same, you and I. Were both human, we both come from the same planet. Yet we are also different. We are different based on our thoughts, our beliefs, our cultures, and our loyalties. Yes, you and I may be similar biologically, but that does not mean we will get along. Quite the contrary, our similarities – hate, love, passion, lust – throw in any emotion and you will see where I am going with this. We are similar, and that makes us different. We learn to love differently, we learn to hate differently, and we learn to channel our passions into different things depending on what society we live in. We are similar, biologically, but that does not stop us from thinking differently, learning differently, fighting differently.

We can swear loyalty to a president, or a king, or a revolutionary leader. Yes we are all human beings and I hear that argument a lot; so much so in fact that I believe those who repeat it, are simply ‘begging the question’. Though I suppose it is because of our similarities that they also fail to see what I see, and subsequently fail to hear the voice of reason as I have. Perhaps even they think I have not heard the voice of reason, and they have. We are all the same, biologically-speaking, but this does not stop us from being different. Never, ever, forget this truth.

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