Update. 10 November 2012

Good morning folks, just to bring you a quick update for the blog. Today I don’t really have an article to add to the blog as the one I hope to post, I will reserve for tomorrow as it is Remembrance Day and as such that post is dedicated to that purpose. However this update will not be as short as to simply say; “hey guys, nothing today other than this update. That comes tomorrow.”

So I was able to see Skyfall, the next 007 film which came out a few days ago. Yes I know for my readers in the UK, this film has been out for quite some time, lucky you. Now as for us Canadians, we had to wait a bit, however it was worth it in the end. The film had an excellent series of throwbacks reminding us of past bond films. It is after all the 50th anniversary of the bond series and what better way is there to celebrate than with a bang.

Below is a link to the opening song done by Adele titled ‘Skyfall’. I will admit, the video featured is not the opening as she probably does not have permission to use it, but it contains lyrics so you can stay on the dot and not get lost in transition. Overall she did an excellent job with the bond song, which was a surprise to me to be honest. Thankfully I was proven wrong and the song did turn out good, something refreshing in today’s vast sea of rather distasteful artists and outlandish outfits. If the link doesn’t work, just use the search terms; “skyfall soundtrack” on youtube.

What else is new, oh yeah Halo 4 is out now. The ending for that was surprising for me to say the least, though I should have seen it coming. This many years in, something has got to go (relax, I will not spoil it for you here). Still, the overall game has improved and 343 has done a stellar job with the title. The Halo franchise has landed in the hands of a competent team indeed, Bungie could not have picked a better successor (to my knowledge at least).

Maybe I should consider doing some reviews of films and games in my spare time, I could be fairly good at it. Whatever the case, thanks for reading, have a safe and relaxing rest of the weekend. I’ll see you next time.


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