Update. Nov. 21 2012

Greetings folks,

Thought I would do an update this Wednesday to save my other piece for the weekend as I still need more time to work on it. In the end of the day I do this recreationally, and as such am not held to the standard of publish or perish.

So I’m having some thoughts about removing the Hybrid section of my blog and instead replacing it with a series on post-secondary education. I was reading through some posts by other bloggers and I stumbled across something interesting. The idea was that if a blog has a purpose and direction, it is more likely to receive views and not wind up abandoned in cyberspace. Therefore I have thought about making a series on post-secondary education, seeing as I already write a fair bit on this subject, making it into a series could benefit by helping me with my blog.

Now onto some interesting news; apparently there has been a fair bit of people in my class who are not participating in their respective group projects. A letter I received from my instructor earlier in the week detailed some information in which suggested that a good portion of my class has not been participating in their respective groups and that their project partners have reported them on this issue. I would just like to say that if you are working in a group for a project for whatever class you may be taking, please, please participate in your group assignment. In the end it is your grade that is up for the guillotine, and whether or not you keep that grade or have it chopped in half is entirely up to you. Though I have faith in my readers that they are all group players and that ultimately they will work with their group to achieve the common goal. That of course being a decent letter grade, but you already knew that.

Right so onto some miscellaneous news. Some crazed coalition wants to eliminate bilingualism in Quebec and have the province turn into a unilingual place once more. The link to the article is here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/story/2012/11/19/partners-french-quebec-bill-101-coalition.html

All I can say is this; Quebec, if you want to move forward, I suggest you stop living in the past (referencing early 1900s when English Canada decided to close French schools in Quebec). French and English are both equally important, and even more so in a city such as Montreal where the population is bilingual. Take your pathetic isolationist, discriminatory attitudes elsewhere. It will not exist here in Canada, simple as that.

Planetside 2 is out for those of you who play PC games. The Sony Online Entertainment’s latest game pitches three factions: the Terran Republic, the Vanu Sovereignty, and the New Conglomerate, in a continuous battle on a single planet. These continuous battles enable players in each faction can fight for objectives as they would in an actual conflict. With objectives continuously changing hands, teams and clans will have to develop tactics on how to fight a continuous campaign in order to succeed in the bigger conflict. Here are some links to some videos done by Totalbiscuit on planetside 2 (I’ve decided to link to the entire selection of videos on his channel):


In all honesty, I hope this game does not fall flat on its face. There has been a lot of coverage done by TB, and it would be a crying shame to see such a title go down the drains as the idea of a continuous battle would appeal to many players who are sick and tired of the standard model of arena-like matches on various military FPSs. Do not worry though; Planetside 2 is not a modern military shooter, so you can rest easy knowing that it is not some COD clone.

Right, well this concludes the update as there were no questions posted to me. Have a good rest of the week, do not forget that on Saturday I will post again so stay tuned for that. I’ll see you next time.

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