Update. Nov. 24 2012

Well, this is unfortunate. The piece I wanted to post today is not proofread. I know I said that I would publish a particular piece today, but things happen and I was not able to spare the time to proofread the piece. The end result; it is not ready. I could probably publish it, but I would not be content with myself if I produced something without even proofreading it. However I will give you this update and some miscellaneous news to make this read enjoyable. Now to kick things off I will speak a little about that game I mentioned in Wednesday’s update: Planetside 2.

So I downloaded it, signed up, and started to play. Suffice it to say, it is quite entertaining. A free-to-play PC title from Sony Online Entertainment, Planetside 2 is by far the best multiplayer online shooter I have touched thus far. So the game spans three continents so far, and all the game play comprises of is a series of battles to capture and hold strategic resources. You pick one of three factions: The Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate, or the Vanu Sovereignty, and contribute to the bigger picture which is to capture the entire continent to give your faction a field bonus. These field bonuses can come in the form of extra vehicle resources, less wait time when respawning vehicles, etc. Now when a faction captures the entire continent, the other two factions are not necessarily forced out of the continent. Rather there are these staging areas called warp gates, and they are permanent fixtures on each continent. Each faction has one, and basically when an army is pushed back to their warp gate, the continent then belongs to the dominant faction. The warp gate is the only part of the continent not counted as a requisite for the army field bonus, as these areas act as sanctuaries for their respective factions. From there the factions can re-group and launch a counter-offensive to re-take lost ground. The end result: you will continuously fight over resources and strategic assets, all of which can – literally –  change hands over-night.

Up to this point, most multiplayer shooter games I have played were set in arena-style matches over large maps, rather than one continuous campaign spanning three continents where the fight never ends. I know in the past there were some ideas that were similar to this, but they did not gain as much popularity and publicity as Planetside 2. It is refreshing, and fun. The best part of it is you can play for free, and subscribe when you want to. Custom skins for vehicles, weapon skins, weapon unlocks, special uniforms, all cosmetic items and bonuses are up for purchase. However if you are just interested in the game play and could not give a toss over cosmetic items; that is fine as well. The player is also not limited to a certain cap or however many vehicles he can spawn per day, unlike some MMO titles such as Star Wars the Old Republic. I will include a link to a youtube commentator – totalbiscuit – for those of you wanting to see what all the fuss is about:


Right, onto some other news; not much happening over in Montreal with the exception of the usual student protests to make tuition free, and the corruption inquiry continues. Oh, yes I almost forgot: a Montreal transit attendant has been suspended after refusing to serve English-speaking customers. The link to the brief story is below this paragraph:


You know, if anglophones in Montreal need to be bilingual, then so too should Francophones. I understand Bill 101, or the French Language Charter guarantees the right of any Quebecer to work in French. However when it comes to customer service in Montreal, there needs to be a certain degree of bilingualism. That said, a translated piece of paper with specific sentences would work as well. Saves money in having to hire a translator to stand there all day with the employee, and customers can simply point and communicate via physical gestures. Still, I just find the whole language debate absurd. The vast majority of anglophones in Quebec reside in Montreal, and unlike other languages in Canada, French and English have been there since the early days when the Quebec Act was passed in the House of Commons in London. There was another story about a bus driver in Montreal who refused to let a lady board the bus at 1am because she spoke English, something that is not to be tolerated or let slide. The article is below this paragraph:


Well regardless, cases like this are rare, and only receive a lot of media attention because it draws an audience. I think when I head that direction, I will remain on the western side of the Saint Laurent Boulevard. For an anglophone, federalist, and monarchist such as myself, it is practically a “death sentence” *Sarcasm and exaggeration intended*. Right, onto other news.

For those of you who own the digital distribution platform for PC – Steam – right now they are having their autumn sale. It goes until the 26th of November and every day there is a new list of games that receive a deep discount. Some titles also have deep discounts and are not tied down to the clock, so you have until the 26th to decide what you want to buy. Personally, after playing Planetside 2, I don’t think any of those games look even remotely appetizing. I’m hooked, what can I say, and it costs me nothing. Anyways, thanks for reading today’s update. Check back Wednesday for another addition to the blog. I’ll see you next time.


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