Update. 19 December 2012

Evening folks,

This is just a heads up on what is happening with today’s edition of the gazette. Earlier today I had my final exam yeah, and it was my second time through the course so without question, much of my efforts were focused on familiarization of the text. The end result, the gazette – while essentially complete – is not as pitch perfect as I hope it would be: therefore it will be late. I am a fan of quality so to speak, and when it comes to my written work, I only post once it has gone through a few proofreading sessions.

I apologize for the delay; there were other matters this week which took precedence over the gazette. Expect the next publication – if not later on tonight or tomorrow – to be on Saturday; now that I have my affairs in order. Thank you for your patience. My name has been Vincent, and I will see you next time.


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Creating articles related to the games industry and military news.

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