Update. 17 January 2013

Evening readers: just thought I would make a short update to inform you all of what is going on with: “The Mediocre Gazette,” and other publications here on Thoughts and Topics. Starting things off is my idea to change the title of “The Mediocre Gazette,” to: “The Telegraphed Gazette.” Now this name change comes in the wake of a suggestion I received earlier in the week. A co-worker of mine suggested that outside readers may not understand why I call my section: “The Mediocre Gazette.” In all honesty, without my explanation into why I call my paper as such, readers who stumble upon this publication on their own may feel that it is substandard quality, which is far from the case. Therefore I have opted for a bit of a more professional title for my paper.

The second topic on the agenda is in relation to the other sections of the blog. To be honest, I really have little to no interest in producing pieces for those categories at this time, as the gazette seems to tickle my interests, far more than certain topics I had previously thought of. Adding to this dilemma, is the fact that if I wanted to voice an opinion on a particular topic, it will most likely be on something related to the games industry or Montreal, therefore it will wind up as a special edition of the gazette. Occasionally there will be pieces I want to publish on my blog, but right now that seems unlikely. Yet those sections will not disappear; I am simply stating that they will remain on hiatus until further notice, or until I have something to add towards those categories.

Finally, the overall layout of the blog: nothing radical is going to occur in the coming months towards the layout of the blog. I feel that the colour scheme, and images used are appropriate as they represent my love and interest to write. After all, if I did not like to write, I would not blog. Now in terms of how to access the comments section, if you are on the main page, you can simply click the title of the article which is in bold and larger than the rest of the text in the article to access the article itself. Once on the lone article, you can then write something in the comments section all the way at the bottom should you so desire. Alternatively, there is a small box with the date, title, and comments option located towards the top left of each article on the main page. Simply click on: “Leave a Comment” and you will be brought to the reply section. Alternatively, if the user wishes, he or she can access the suggestions tab at the very top of the page. Just above the image towards the top right hand side of the black bar, is: “About myself,” “The Mediocre Gazette,” and “Suggestions.” Clicking on the “suggestions” tab will open up a short description, and the comments section below.

This brings us to the conclusion of this update piece: check back Saturday for a special edition of the Telegraphed Gazette, talking about the current financial situation in Quebec’s universities. My name has been Vincent, and I will see you next time.


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