Update. 10 March 2013

Greetings readers,

Most of you are wondering: “what in blazes is Vince doing, and where is this week’s edition of the gazette?” Well my dear readers, allow me to answer the question you have put forward: I have exhausted the topics, and there was also a lack of interesting news articles this week. News has been slow, and I have been contemplating taking a bit of time off from the gazette ie: reduce the publishing to just twice a month; bi-weekly by the looks of things. Over the past couple of weeks I have felt exhausted and overwhelmed, what with the course work, and the publishing schedule. Now there are a few pieces I have completed which I will post at a later date, but for now it feels like I want to slow down with the blog, and take a bit of time during the bi-weekly process to really examine where I want to take the Telegraphed Gazette, and what the next objective will become. I apologize to those readers who have followed this blog loyally: you have been my most humble and loyal readers, and I truly thank you for your continued support. Now I will not let you down with a sudden halt of activities, rather I just want to slow down for now, until my course work is complete, or when the news picks up. Beginning of the year rarely yields anything worth writing on, and as you are all aware, the PQ government is doing its usual song and dance when it comes to power and politics.

Right, I certainly hope that response suffices as a reply to the question of a change in schedule, and where this blog is heading (though some of you may have noticed the burnout when the schedule starting to spill over into Sunday). Once again, thank you for your continued support, and remember, bi-weekly; which means that starting next week, I will publish, then take a week off, then publish, then take a week off etc. Truthfully speaking then it should be classified as once every two weeks, though in all honesty I am confident you get the picture. Now there will be pieces popping up every now and then that are really personal pieces which I have put together for your reading pleasure: I hope you like them. Now my dear readers, it is time for me to part and think on the blog and its direction in the future; I hope you will continue with me on this journey as we explore games industry news, as well as news from Quebec. The name has been Vince, and I will see you next time.

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