Telegraphed Gazette: Column 17 March 2013

Greetings readers,

Well this is somewhat awkward; another week goes by and nothing interesting to report on. The only big news maker I have managed to get my hands on was the selection of a new pope by the Vatican earlier in the week: March 13th to be precise. Many people are heralding this as a new era for the Catholic Church; and though I am not a religious person, I have my doubts. The institution itself is quite traditional in the sense that it is not easily modified to meet the needs of a modern-day society. While the Commonwealth Monarchy, and various other European institutions have been able to adapt to the changing face of the world, the Catholic Church – like all other religions – will take quite a bit of time to adjust to the changes and challenges of the 21st century. With that said however, I am optimistic: after all, the new pope elected is the first of his kind, with him being from South America, and hailing from a more simplistic role rather than a politically powerful one. This I can respect, and I am hopeful that over time the church will evolve to be a more “modern” institution; however my definition of modern may not be shared by all, so I will leave the topic here.


Now onto some interesting news; I have finally been made aware of the 6th edition rules for the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, Warhammer 40,000 or 40k for short; is a tabletop miniatures war game centered on various different armies which you collect and do battle against other players in casual or competitive game play. Now the game is currently in its 6th edition – hence the 6th edition rulebook – yet I have not been informed of one of the most important (at least in my opinion) elements added into the game with the 6th edition: allies. Now prior to the 6th edition – back when I was still playing – the rules did not allow armies from various races/factions to ally with one another: the exception being Imperial Armies like Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Grey Knights, and Witch Hunters. Now there are exceptions to this new addition as Tyranids are unable to ally with anyone; however in general, most armies can ally with one another, though they may differ in their alliance type. Players like myself from back in the day (yes I am that old now) who desired to see a Guard-Marine mix, can now officially make that happen with their own forces. What the allies system does is it allows an individual player – I should have clarified this to begin with – to collect an army comprising of two races/factions. Minimum requirements will exist, but generally the mixture is now possible. What a clever sales tactic by the company who makes these miniatures; Games Workshop: insert rules whereby players who before wanted to collect various units from different armies and field them, can now do so without breaking any of the official rules for either casual play, or tournament matches. My dear readers, this means that the blog might soon be in competition for my spare time as I go forth and reactivate my Imperial Guard army from the mothball force, and begin collecting various bits of other forces to forge this new allied contingent.

This was only a joke my readers; the hobby itself is quite expensive overtime, and since the closure of the nearby hobby shop, it will be difficult for me to find a gaming club close enough for me to consider taking up this hobby again. While the miniatures themselves were an excellent form of creativity; with the painting and assembly required, I doubt I will be able to find the time or place to play the game. Perhaps a few small units to add into my existing army might take a bit of time away, but in all honesty it will not interrupt my writing schedule: at least not as bad as a lack of news like what has been happening all this week. Stated in a previous edition, I do not do game release news as the internet is saturated with such media: I would far rather wait for industry news to come out, than to go about writing on newly released titles for the sake of publishing. Now if the game is good and I personally have played it, I will respectively evaluate the title. However for the time being, I will not engage in such practices.

Anyways readers, as per the usual routine there will be new posts this coming week as I am on a once every two-week schedule when it comes to blog work; The Telegraphed Gazette in particular. Updates and miscellaneous posts might pop up, but in general do not expect a gazette for next week. Thank you all for reading; this has been Vince, and I will see you next time.

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