Tywin Lannister: the realms most prized figure

Greetings my dear readers: today I am doing a bit of a review on a character I have come to admire in recent years; Tywin Lannister. Yes my readers, I keep track of the series A Song of Fire and Ice, or Game of Thrones as it is more commonly known. Tywin Lannister is a fascinating character from the book series: A Song of Fire and Ice – or as it is known currently, Game of Thrones. The persona of Tywin is that of a no-nonsense figure who is trying to keep order amidst a sea of chaos; mostly done so by his grandson who is the current king according to the television series. Now Tywin may seem brutal to some, but I find this attitude of getting straight to the point quite refreshing in a world where often people seem to lose themselves quite quickly. Tywin is an experienced field commander, he is a competent Hand of the King, and he is capable of dealing with people diplomatically when needed, or brutally when needed.

Tywin is no stranger to war as he has fought in numerous campaigns in his lifetime. That battlefield experience has made him into a hardened commander capable of making decisions quickly and decisively with little hesitation. His use of his knights and fellow commanders is – for the most part – calculated and to the strength of each commander at his table. When Robb Stark of Winterfell went south to wage war against the King incumbent, Tywin immediately set out to crush the rebellion in the name of the realm: though in all honesty the fighting was started when Tywin’s son was seized by a Stark. Nevertheless, when Robb was beginning to prevail, Tywin realized this, and made several key tactical decisions that would ultimately play into his hand and land him the position of Hand of the King once more. Tywin also respects initiative and intelligence as evidence with his interaction with Arya Stark who at the time was posing as a boy when she was captured by one of Tywin’s bannermen.

Tywin’s diplomatic skills are also a handy asset to the throne as his ability to not only keep the king himself at bay but also engineer a plot – according to the books – is something worth rewarding with recognition. Tywin is a man of truth, and when people claim that dragons on the other side of the world were an immediate threat, he simply waved them off and dismissed the rumors as nothing but talk; as he did White Walkers and Wildlings. Though the reader/viewer will know the truth; in Tywin’s eyes, talk of Dragons on the far side of the world and White Walkers in the far north beyond the wall are like rumors of a possible war in Mongolia, or a long lost exiled president of the United States seeking to reclaim congress one day from his distant home in the Antarctic. Tywin will only worry about something when it is appropriate; otherwise he is focused on the task at hand and seeks to complete the task before moving onto something else.

The actor who portrays Tywin – I must confess I do not know his name – does an excellent job in my honest opinion as the character has flavour and life breathed into it. Overall I thoroughly enjoy the Game of Thrones television series, and the portrayal of Tywin Lannister gives the series that extra bit of seasoning which increases the attraction of the series overall.



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