Blog update. 28 May 2013

Good morning readers (morning out here on the west coast), I thought I would update you on the current status of the blog and perhaps – perhaps – propose some ideas in today’s update. Starting things off here; I am still alive. Currently my time has been eaten up by things that require me to be away from this wonderful machine of mine, and as a result content may have slipped off into a holding pattern in orbit – so to speak. Fear not, I have some topics I want to cover later on this week, but for now you will just have to be patient.

Another source of distraction I have been – quite enjoyably – dealing with is Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Now this game was released in 2011, but I have not had the pleasure of sinking time or money into the title, until this week. My god is it amazing! I’ve only done one questline – the Skyrim Civil war specifically – and I am quite happy with what Bethesda Softworks has done with the series. The storyline and the world are quite believable, and as a result I have found it fairly enjoyable to sink hours into the game. The best thing about the title is the fact that you can do whatever you want. I have barely touched the main storyline, and that is fine! The game doesn’t force you to tackle the main storyline, and you are free to wander the snowy peaks of Skyrim for eternity.

Planetside 2, oh yes that devil of a game; well it has certainly eaten up some time, mainly because I have been playing with a high school buddy of mine. The game is…..well it is okay, but it has lost a lot of its’ freshness after the whole ultimate empire showdown finished off last January. Now the game itself – and the server I was previously on – has fallen into the reserve status as more triple A titles, and new devices, hit the market. While the game itself is still quite enjoyable, it can get repetitive as the war on Auraxis will never end – story wise and gameplay wise – as there is a re-spawn system in place which effectively means, soldiers never die, and they can keep fighting over the same objectives day in and day out. No boundaries shift, no capitals are lost; just the never-ending grind of war. Now I am not complaining here, I am a man of war: but it would be nice to see some variety here and there, like aircraft carrier fighting, rather than just a ground-pounder war.

Content for the blog (yes I am aware I have procrastinated through this update ); Quebec politics isn’t going anywhere, and neither am I. Though in truth, I am starting to look towards other interesting stories related to Canada, and broaden my provincial and territorial viewership, rather than remain focused on the issues surrounding Quebec. Yes I still adore the province, but ultimately one province does not make up an entire nation. The ideas I am considering are to cover some stories from other key provinces of my choosing; perhaps to add some perspective to national affairs?

Either way, Quebec may not hold the ” I am important” mantle for long on this blog; I hear some good stories are popping up in my province of British Columbia surrounding the elections, so I may – may – cover that. However stories from the games industry and Quebec will not stop dead in their tracks; I will still produce them. Yet they may be marching alongside other stories from around the country as I continue to expand and develop my blog: I hope you all will come along for the ride. Do not worry, I promise there will be no bandits or warewolves: but if there are, machine guns, pistols, crossbows, swords, and grenades are in the back: use them wisely.

Anyways folks that concludes this update: tune in this weekend for some stories and topics from the usual sources of interest. The name of the writer has been Vince, and he shall see you next time.


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