Telegraphed Gazette:Column. 22 July 2013

The globe and mail article released via the Monarchist League of Canada’s Facebook page has brought to light an interesting scenario. Apparently some Irishman wants to fight the oath to the Queen citing republican values and different political views. Right so in what universe is it right for an immigrant to say: “I do not wish to swear allegiance to the head of state because I feel they do not represent me!” Should this Irishman wish to become an American citizen – for example – and they refuse to swear allegiance to the flag of the United States; good luck getting through to the actual “you are now a citizen of the United States of America” portion of the ceremony.

Look, I understand people have a sore spot for what happened in the past, but if that were the case, why not as well make it so our oath includes a catholic praise? There has to be an understanding that Canada is a unique country, and it will never be exactly like the Republic of Ireland. Our head of state is her majesty, and yes I do in fact support this continuing as time and time again we see politicians – nasty ones too – take up the mantle of responsibility with no real control over their actions, and not to mention the huge bill that the tax payers have to front in order to keep the presidential office in operation.

When the word “Monarchy” comes to mind, the stereotypes of aristocratic, greedy, and squabbling delegates comes to mind: a vile mixture of society’s most black-hearted people. Yet did anyone think about actually looking up this information? How about actually looking up the constitutional role of the monarchy in Canadian society? Now more than ever we are connected to the internet which provides us a wealth of information, and what do we do? We still place a pot over our heads and bang it with a wooden spoon until our ears ring. Looks folks, we all like Canada as Canada, and one of the aspects that makes us unique is we have a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.

Nothing is perfect in this world, but I can safely say that the monarchy is a heck of a lot cheaper than a president, and the political fire extinguisher it acts as makes me sleep soundly at night. Though I am aware of what our current Prime Minister is up to, he is well within his power to conduct his affairs in such a manner. You know who first tried to instigate equal citizenship within the British Empire? Queen Victoria; not her prime minister, nor her parliament, the Queen herself. How did the British Parliament – as well as the other parliaments – react? Fire on the ships from India carrying Indians looking for a better life outside of India, bar them via legislation, and the list goes on. Do I really want rats like those to be my head of state? Does this sort of behaviour resonate as a head-of-state kind of practice which is acceptable? No, plain and simple.

Sure we have changed in this day and age, yet the political fire extinguisher is useful in this day and age: especially this day and age when politicians are accused of rubbing up to bankers. After all, politicians are the ones in power – effectively. There is no sign that our democracy is weakened with a monarchy; rather it is strengthened by having the Queen as head of state; for she is neutral in politics, and represents all Canadians. Now if a politician was head of state, say George Bush for example, he represents Americans……but whom? Does he represent the conservative Americans, the liberal Americans, or both? Her majesty is not clear cut, and is therefore able to represent all Canadians; plus the political stability I quite enjoy, not to mention we can use “royal” as a prefix. After all, Royal Canadian Mounted Police sounds a lot more respectable than Canadian Mounted Police: you might as well name them “The Police Service” and be done with it.

Ultimately what I am trying to say in this rush of words is this: if you wish to become a citizen of any country you immigrate to, you must be prepared to swear allegiance to their head of state, and subsequently perform any civic duties expected of you, including military service. Afterwards, you will be able to reap the benefits of citizenship, and enjoy a more prosperous life in your new home. Life is a give and take scenario, and there is always a price to be paid. Hypothetically speaking, should I choose to immigrate to a country in which their head of state is a president, yes I would swear allegiance to that head of state because I want to be there, and it is therefore part of the social contract that binds me as a new citizen to that country. Makes sense right? Besides, at least the British tradition is one of responsible government, rather than a wild mess like Cambodia, Laos, or South Vietnam; I would take our system over those any day, in any lifetime: those mass executions and re-education camps are not a laughing matter. The link to the article is located below:

The link to the Monarchist League of Canada’s Website with information on the cost of the Monarchy.

Thanks for reading folks, and I will see you next time.


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