Update. 24 July 2013

Good morning folks;

Just thought I would update you on what is going on currently with this blog: as most of you are aware, there has been a reduction in activity these past few months, as the topics that I generally cover have – somewhat – reduced in pace, and subsequently the less news I have in my hands to write on, the less I have to write with – if that even makes any sense.

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking that I will keep to the usual gaming news and Quebec affairs as my foundation rather than run about searching for a new topic. After all the Telegraphed Gazette chiefly focuses on these two topics, with some additional items mixed in there for some added flavour. Therefore I think I will stick to this format for the time being, though I might cover other items depending on the news situation of the week.

Now, what have I been doing lately? Well, Steam Sales just wrapped up a few days ago, and I have managed to gather approximately 5 games, all at the price of roughly 30 dollars. Thus far the two games I have spent the most time in are Borderlands 2, and Sleeping Dogs – though with sleeping dogs, it is mostly the Year of the Snake DLC which puts Wei Shen as a beat cop, subsequently allowing me to arrest people at will. Yes folks, in the Year of the Snake DLC, rather than an undercover cop, you are a beat cop, and you can beat down criminals and then arrest them rather than – let’s say – drag them towards a door, and then proceed to bash in their skull with it. The arrest feature also works on all the other NPCs roaming the streets of Hong Kong: you just grapple them, and use the same button again – I am playing this on PC so it is “F,” then “F” again – to cuff them and leave them on the floor.

Thus far both games have acted as time sinks for me; but then I am on summer break, and while writing has its’ self-fulfilling qualities, so too does gaming. I might do a review on Borderlands 2 as with Sleeping Dogs I mostly spend my time speeding around Hong Kong in a squad car, then pulling over to make a mass arrest of various NPCs. I know my reviews are not as speedy as the videos on Youtube; but then this blog is all about quality, not quantity.

Also on my list of ideas is a new section titled: “Coffee Break,” where I tackle single-issue topics, rather than the broadsheet format of the Telegraphed Gazette. I figure some folks would like some short little bits to read before they head out the door, go on lunch break, or just before they turn on their console and begin to play a few games. This most likely will take form as some days I just do not wish to write such a lengthy broadsheet paper – so to speak – plus there are enough topics I find for me to cover via this format, than by grouping it together with whatever else I find in order to fill up the gazette. All of this at the moment is in thought and planning, though keep an eye out for it; it might just turn out to be something interesting.

Right well that wraps up this update for the 24th of July 2013: I would like to thank all my readers for their support, and I look forward to writing for you all. The name has been Vince, and I will see you next time.


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