Off the Record. 26 July 2013

Good afternoon folks;


This will be a small bit on double standards; specifically applying to one such person of whom shall not be named. Back in High School this said person did not pay attention in history class, choosing instead to nod off at the back of the room, and forget his homework. His time was – instead – given to World of Warcraft, Games Workshop miniatures, and drawing. Now, three years later, he complains about how his history class never taught him anything.

What universe were you living in at the time? What sort of mindset were you in at the time period? However I suppose he was a teenager – as was I – back in the day, and therefore naive, and wild as a stallion. The point I am trying to make here folks in this short piece – this very short piece – is that this individual complains about a great many things, and yet they fail to notice that in the past they had the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, but instead opted not to do so.

Well, maybe if you had paid attention in class Mr: “I never learned anything because they never taught me anything,” then maybe we would not have this problem today now would we? Yet in the end all this blunder is pointless: they are free to do whatever they want within the confines of the law, and think however they so choose, once again within reasonable limit. Free country right?

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