Update. 8 August 2013

Hello folks;

Well this is embarrassing, I said I would do a review of Borderlands 2, and I have not. The truth is I have stopped playing Borderlands 2, and have moved onto Rising Storm – an expansion to Red Orchestra 2. Now the game Rising Storm rotates around the idea of asymmetric warfare: where the Americans have all the firepower, but the Japanese have access to risky tactics both guerrilla and conventional. The level of realism in the game is what the Red Orchestra 2 title hinges on; the idea that combat in the game is as realistic as possible, and where your character is never bullet spongy.

The game itself is quite easy to learn, and painfully difficult to master as the slightest wrong move can get you killed either by bleeding out while still mobile, or by a shot to the head. Unlike the more common games like Call of Duty or Halo, Rising Storm relies on the realism and asymmetric warfare to attract players looking for a challenge, and where others can test their abilities in battle which can be transferred to other games which rely on a quick trigger finger and a sound tactical mind: Counter Strike being one of the said games.

Aside from that, there really is not a whole lot to talk about regarding Rising Storm: like Red Orchestra 2 there is a level system – though not as relevant as the level system in Planetside 2. The combat is realistic, there is asymmetric warfare, and graphically it is not as shiny as Call of Duty or Halo. However if you are interested in a challenging shooter that will punish you for rushing into the fray, then Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 – they grouped the two games together on Steam – will be the answer to your request. Right now it only costs 20 dollars USD, so it will not run you into the ground.

Now onto some blog-related news: I have received a comment which states that some of the text has been running off screen. Now I had a look at the articles in the blog, and it does not seem to run off the screen on my end. I do run Firefox, and checking the browser google chrome, I do not see that issue appearing either. However I did notice on chrome that a couple of links seem to run off screen, which can be problematic. Rest assured that I will work on fixing the issue, but in the mean time folks do expect links to articles and websites to run off screen as I do copy and paste them from a word document as the actual blog program itself – from earlier experience – will not register the link, and a reader will have to copy the address into their browser as clicking it will yield no results. Despite the length of time working on this blog, the infrastructure is still – somewhat – strange and unforgiving. However the links themselves are still useable and will bring you to the said website once accessed. Anyways folks that concludes this update for the 8th of August 2013: the name has been Vince, and I will see you next time.

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