Telegraphed Gazette Column. 22 August 2013.

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of the column for the 22nd of August, 2013. Today I will be discussing a recent issue with a MacDonalds in Richmond, British Columbia, and how it reflects negatively on a certain group of people. Earlier today while I was at the gym, a friend pointed out an article to me in 24 hours – a local paper – about a woman in Richmond who cited discrimination when she could not get her order right at a MacDonalds. While the fast food chain tried to sit down with this individual, she instead decided to go to the media and broadcast her side of the story; something the news media was all to eager to jump on board.


Now this friend of mine, his girlfriend works at this branch, and she was there when the event took place. The truth was that the lady spoke poor English, and could not communicate properly with the staff at the branch. They did try to decode her order, but in the end she stormed out in protest. Now the lady is calling for the branch in Richmond to hire Mandarin-speaking staff only for that branch: which is located in Canada. Lady just because you “think” you are a big shot, does not mean that a fast food chain will cater to you alone. This country – Canada – speaks English, or if you are in Quebec or New Brunswick, French. The employees never asked you to leave, you did so on your own will. There was no sign of hostility from the employees; you however decided to go forth with this allegation when you went to the media, so do not try and act like you were in the right here.

Now normally I would simply brush this off as a case of a foreigner trying to get some camera time, however my concern is that this will reflect badly on the Chinese-Canadian – or Canadian-Chinese, if you prefer – community living in the lower mainland, in and around Richmond. Now I know that people will not jump to conclusions on this, but there is that risk of a few – at times aggressive, at times passive – individuals who would decide to seek a sort of “revenge” if you will for what just happened. Granted nothing violent came out of it, but there is that risk.

Ultimately if you are visiting, or living in a foreign country, you must understand that they may not – and/or do not – speak your language. That is something that you need to understand if you are to avoid making a fool of yourself in front of the cameras. The majority trumps the minority, and rightfully so; for the majority is the main source of tax dollars, personnel, support, and culture. The choice for this lady will be to either like it, or leave it; for her loud shouting and protest will only succeed in upsetting the majority, and put the minority community at risk for hostile language and/or verbal violence.

Anyways folks that is all I wanted to say for this edition of the column. Thank you for reading, have a safe weekend, and I will see you next time.

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