Off the Record. 28 August 2013

Hello folks; I just wanted to put this little piece out before I head off to the Borderlands – yes I am still playing that game, and since I have discovered matchmaking, I will not stop anytime soon. Today we will be covering the subject of youtubers and how their job is just like any other job. Earlier I watched a video from Totalbiscuit, who explained that people who tend to call out video commentary work as: “not real work” is in fact jealous that the youtuber’s job is more interesting.

jobs in the uk

This is true for the most part as many jobs out there which are “real” jobs are quite mundane and non-fulfilling. More often than not – for the sake of survival – jobs people take up tend to be cashiers work or line cook, both of which do not offer as much professional freedom as a youtuber, or a writer. However I must point out that “mundane” work is stable, and provides money for the worker who – at the end of the day – can then use it to purchase goods and services should they desire. When people complain about bills, keep in mind that you are purchasing a service, for the hydroelectric company worker does not have to be there to fix the generators if you are not paying the bill; they would be off doing some other line of work if there was no money coming from the hydroelectric company.

This piece may seem all over the place but there is a purpose to the madness, and that is work is work. When looking at youtube, yes it may seem like it is not “real work,” but remember that there is a ton of editing work put into the video just to squeeze out that little bit of revenue. Ad money also fluctuates depending on the market that day, and the job is not – overall – stable like working as a trades person, or a clerk. What I am aiming at here is do not be jealous people; these commentators need to make a living too, and they just happen to get the luck of the draw when it comes to careers. However, their line of work can – at times – be unstable as traditional forms of media attempt to marginalize and harass these new forms of media all in a bid to survive the turn of the century. Times are changing, and the “old guard,” that being newspapers and television, are slowly dying out.


Besides people, like Totalbiscuit says, do you really want another several thousand folks competing in the same job market as you? The market is still terrible at this time, and more people are flushing into the market who have better qualifications than you, or who are younger and more energetic than you are; let the youtubers have their jobs, because you sure as hell do not need anymore competition from college graduates, immigrants, high school grads, and – at times – seniors looking to recover their lost finances when the market bubble burst in 2008. Besides, like a movie star, they provide entertainment, and that makes life interesting; as does vacationing, enjoying a good meal, and finding the right spouse in life. Thanks for reading folks, and I will see you next time.


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