Update. 2 September 2013

Hello folks;

Well September is upon us, and like all good things that are warm and fuzzy, summer must end. Since my school semester will be spinning up, it is unclear to me at this time as to whether or not there will be a regular, bi-weekly gazette edition for this blog. Thus far it seems my schedule is fairly packed as of late, and it may not offer me much room to write a sizeable gazette on a bi-weekly basis. Currently I am exploring shorter versions, or perhaps a new delivery method regarding content, but for now everything is up in the air.

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk blog statistics; I know there are people reading my pieces as I get a good 14 or subscribers every so often when I publish my works. Therefore a question must be raised: is the statistics page broken for me? Have I missed something important, or is it simply the case that no one is reading my works anymore? Curiosity has me wondering as the entire purpose of blogging is really for me to talk; get ideas out there and see if I can find an audience that – somewhat – fits the bill. This site – WordPress – I have been told has a fairly sizeable base of readers who also blog, and that the base population is also a mature, level-headed group that understands that my opinions, are just opinions. This of course is why I avoid twitter or any other site aimed at university-aged students or younger; their a bit under-done at the moment and I would rather wait until they are fully cooked than try to take them out of the frying pan now.


Anyways, I am just curious about what is going on with this site, that is all. Frankly I want to monetize some of this work just for a bit of pocket money: career-wise I have other plans in mind, and while I enjoy writing, I seem to – at times – lack the discipline to carry out a strict, regular routine. Often I am distracted by my steam games – like Borderlands 2 – of which eat up the vast majority of the time for me. The reason why – I am presuming – is that this is a spare time activity, and therefore must compete for my interest with other spare time activities. After all in a single day there are 24 hours, and 8 of that is spent sleeping (yes sleep is important, unless you want to anger all the professional contacts around you, and shorten your life as well) and a good chunk of it is either for work, or for chores around the house and the neighborhood, like groceries.

Ultimately what I am seeing here – at least at the moment – is that my spare time is precious to me, and I seem to want to spend all of it gaming on steam. This I believe might contribute to the fact that the blog has been stagnant as of late, even with the new items I published in recent weeks. Regardless, do expect some pieces to pop up here and there from time to time, but until then folks, I shall return to the borderlands, and I will see you next time.



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