Off the Record. 4 September 2013

Hello folks, and welcome to another edition of Off the Record for the 4th of September 2013. Today’s edition will cover my initial thoughts about a class I am taking, and some discussion on Borderlands 2. Thus we will begin with the class I took today; I will not name it officially to preserve the anonymity of the professor, and of the institution.

Earlier today while I sat in class, I could not help but get the feeling that some of these students are the sort of sanctimonious, over the top sort of people who have yet to grow up and see reality. While I sat there listening to the professor, I felt as though – as the semester progresses – that this truth will be realized sooner or later. How odd; am I making assumptions, or is this some sort of warning mechanism whereby I can detect this sort of behaviour, and then proceed to avoid any sort of discussion in which – with a rough idea in mind – I will be actively shouted down because I have a different opinion? The feeling is strange and foreign, though I suppose this feeling could just be the fact that – aside from one person in the room – I have no idea who these people are, and where their ideas lie. Then again it is university, and it is that age where young people are wild, adventurous, and – at times – questionably insane.


Alright, now that the topic is out of the way (yes it was rather short was it not?) let us proceed to my thoughts on Borderlands 2. Earlier in the summer months I made a sort of review of the game, though I did not thoroughly play through it to give a proper analysis; rather it was a first impressions. Suffice it to say, the game is still delivering on both content and entertainment value. The humor – while somewhat crude and strange at times – is refreshing, and the game play mechanics is a very nice change from the current trend of modern military shooters. The amount of guns in the game is insane, and I always keep on finding new, more powerful firearms to play with; which is very satisfying to say the least.

The game seems to prey on two things us guys like; that is guns and loot. Though my statement might be a bit shallow, I do enjoy guns and loot; the collecting process brings me back to the good old trading card game days, and the amount of firearms and adventure one can have with friends will keep the game installed in the hard drive for many months to come. After I discovered matchmaking, I have even more reason to keep on playing – though be careful as it is a free-for-all when it comes to looting guns and rare items.


The game also gives off a sort of – to me anyways – wild west vibe: something I very much like, and it enriches the experience. Though I am aware that the wild west did not include cannibalistic bandits, or a mask-wearing super-villain hell bent on controlling some alien creature, the “frontier” feeling really appeals to me. This has lead to an even greater appreciation for being able to live in a country like Canada – specifically west of Ontario, and has added a new flavour to life: something which did not exist until now.


With a new season of DLC slated to be released from Gearbox, I know I will be spending my down time on Pandora for many more months to come. Sorry Deus Ex Human Revolution; you only got 35 minutes of my time, and probably will remain on my hard drive collecting digital dust while I roam the Pandoran landscape, searching for treasure, and beating up Hyperion robots, and marauding bandits. Right now I am currently playing through SIr Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, so expect a sort of DLC wrap up in the weeks to come.

Right well I am off for the evening: I wish you all a safe rest of the week, and we shall see you next time. Now where did I put my Jakobs Sniper Rifle……

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