Salvador the Gunzerker: double the fun.

While I am aware that I am fairly late to the whole: “Borderlands 2 review” bandwagon, I feel it is appropriate to give some of my thoughts on the game as I spend even more hours this week playing – while neglecting my course readings. This week we will be covered a class which was my first when I landed on Pandora, the Gunzerker.


Gunzerking is an ability in Borderlands 2 unique to the Gunzerker where – upon activation – the Gunzerker goes into a sort of rage mode and wields two weapons of any type during the short burst of aggression. Thus far I have enjoyed my time playing as a Gunzerker, but I found some areas to be a bit lower than expectations; though I will admit, I probably did not invest in some skills that I should have from the start. When it comes to co-op play, the Gunzerker can fit the role as a sort of off-tank; bursting in front of everyone else to gunzerk while the rest of the team goes about flanking so to speak. However the Gunzerker – in my experience – lacks the tank’s main attribute when it comes to this sort of game play: damage resistance. Now I only invested in the skill tree, Rampage, while only investing a few points in gun lust, and brawn; in other words I may have only focused my Gunzerker on damage per second, instead of tanking, which is why I face this issue.


That little bit aside however, Salvador can dish out the pain and leave the player wanting to quickly gunzerk again. Gunzerking is immensely entertaining, and the dialogue delivered when the Gunzerker enters gunzerking is quite interesting, to be polite. The ability to dual wield two guns of any type – with the first two weapon slots paired, and the last two slots paired – gives the Gunzerker a unique ability over the Sabre Turret of Axton the Commando, Phase Lock of Maya the Siren, and Stealth of Zero the Assassin. Apart from Axton, I never felt the need to try the other characters; Salvador seems to fit my mental image of a Borderlands 2 character relatively well. The gun totting, foul mouthed, adventurous hero who is over the top and – somewhat – insane is a nice break from all the bleak, special forces elites with alcohol addictions and drug problems.


Borderlands 2 is not meant to be serious: it is chocolate and cotton candy all rolled into a neat little package and served with mead, wine, and ice cream. The Gunzerker definitely reflects this state of wackiness and adventure, though it can be a bit repetitive at times. However since I have dinged level 51, I have moved onto playing a different character. My dear readers you may have already picked up the clue from earlier in this article: it is Axton the Commando. Prior experience with MMOs and Team Fortress 2 have taught me that a turret can be helpful on the battlefield, and who does not like the soldier-type every now and then. Yes I did say earlier that the Gunzerker was a nice break from all the super-serious special forces steel caps, but Axton is not so much serious as he is mildly insane. Now I say mildly insane because unlike Salvador – and to a greater extent Krieg the Psycho – Axton tends to be the strong but silent type. However at the moment, I am not prepared to give my analysis on the character class as I am still playing through normal mode with Axton, and have not experienced the DLC with this character yet. Therefore I will leave you readers with a final note on the Gunzerker before I return to Pandora in search of treasures: Salvador is definitely a fun character to play, and the style of dual-wielding is way better than Halo 2 where you could only dual-wield little pistol-like weapons. When a bad guy wishes to reduce your face into liquids and gases, try two rocket launchers, see how he or she likes the “Sunday night encore.” You see what I did there folks?

Nevermind, you grow tired of me: thank you all for reading, and I shall see you next time.


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