Dishonesty Hurts, laziness impairs

Hello folks;

Earlier today my father encountered a case where a young boy rode past his car – not touching it – and then proceeding to take a sharp turn before falling over. Now the gap between the car and the bush was narrow, but the young man – roughly 16 years of age – decided it was a good idea to move between that. Keeping in mind that the car was immobile; the kid then walks up to my father’s car after he goes around in a circle to park – after the kid took his sharp turn to the right and fell – and proceeded to claim that it was a case of hit and run.

Now here is the interesting part: bicycle was undamaged, no visible marks on the kid, and no marks on the car. The kid then goes about saying that there are cameras around the place, and that he should give him his address and telephone number. Suffice it to say my old man just got back into his car, and drove off. This sort of behaviour worries me because the effort put into coercing/convincing someone into paying him cash, could have been better spent – I do not know – looking for a job!

The young man is 16, he was able to walk up to my father’s car, and then attempt to use the whole: “I am victim, give give give” speech. Look little man, first off, I have seen hit and run victims; they usually stay down and are unresponsive. Second, a “hit and run” is literally a “hit and run” where the vehicle speeds off leaving visible marks on the car – blood, dents, etc – and on the victim – broken bones, massive bruises – and at times a pool of blood. Second, going back to the first bit, how are you still able to run up to the car and talk with no difficulty? Hit and run implies that you are badly damaged, and require immediate medical aid. Now if the young man can physically walk up to people, and then walk all the way to the police station – a some 250 meters away from the store according to Google maps – then you are clearly bluffing. Go ahead, talk to the cops: undamaged, fully aware, and capable of taking your bike with you to the station; right like that will be a believable story.

Look, this young man could easily get a shift or two at Tim Hortons. I am certain he is at school, but if he needs money this badly, he can work for it. Too young for Timmys? Paper routes, collecting bottles, washing cars, mowing lawns, are just a few jobs I remember myself and some of my friends doing when we wanted money for our collectable card games. What about the hard-working immigrant who struggles with 2 jobs to stay afloat? Can he or she simply say: “eff this, I am going to jack cars for a living. Much easier, and I get some power and satisfaction out of it!” This kid is an example of the length some people are willing to go to make easy money; effort that could have been spent – oh I do not know – putting in a resume at MacDonalds, or taking up a line cook position at a fast food place: yes I know my examples are all food related, bear with me (humor intended).

jobs in the uk

This scenario just disgusts me: a young 16 year old would use hit and run – a very serious crime I might add – as a means to trick or coerce people into giving him money, large amounts or small. Thus I will give this “infant” a bottom line: get to work slug! Nothing on Earth is free, and if you think living in the wilderness without money to worry about is better, remember this: you have to cut down the tree to build your house; catch the fish from the lake; harvest the berries from the bushes; sew your own clothes – if he can even do that – kill your own deer for the meat; make your own arrows for hunting; and build your own fire. Oh I almost forgot; generally speaking the wilderness is undeveloped, so no electricity, and thus no video games or television – in case you were thinking of sitting back and letting machines do all the washing and cooking. Sound like an easy life?



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