Update. 15 September 2013.

Good afternoon folks;

Well, so far this past week there has been nothing but a constant barrage of reactions to the Quebec Charter of Values proposed by the incumbent Parti Quebecois. Now this issue is somewhat sensitive at the moment so I am quite hesitant to cover it; I know many people – both for, and against – have a vested interest in this topic and could become aggressive if things do not go according to their agenda. However I probably will cover the topic eventually when the heat cools to a sort of ready-to-eat warm, but until then I will hold off to avoid any – unwanted rashes.


Now onto the good stuff; sadly I have not finished my play through with Axton the Commando in Borderlands 2. Recently for the Gearbox community day, the developers released western-themed ( that is Wild West, or Western Frontier) skins for all 6 characters for the game. Yes this does mean I broke my little so-called vow to only stick with the Gunzerker and the Commando, and I now have a Siren, an Assassin, and the Psycho. Those skins are simply too good to pass up, and with all of them unlocked – and yes I did farm for about two hours to find them all – I had to see for myself the glories of the frontier.

Thus far Axton’s skin and head piece look the best. The idea that he is a soldier for hire just helps add to the immersion factor, as does the Assassin’s skin and head. The idea of being a mercenary has a certain appeal if you will, and it helps with the transition from video game to video game as you never feel like you must remain loyal to a faction; though in Planetside 2 I am always employed by the Terran Republic.

Some of you may have noticed that I have – suddenly and out of the blue – started to post pieces for Off the Record, The Opinions, and the Rhetoric. The reason for that is I find their formats suitable for short topics that do not require as much – research so to speak – as the gazettes that I write. Right now it seems that I only have the time to write shorter pieces, so there is a risk that the main long form gazette might be sliced down into column articles, or – if it is informal to be short – place it under a different category. Still I do miss writing for the gazette; the articles covered really do help me understand the city of Montreal and the rest of the province. Suffice it to say nothing is for certain here on Thoughts and Topics, so there is always hope.

Well that about wraps up this update: I am off to collect some bounties, and probably return to Auraxis to fight in another skirmish in the name of the Terran Republic. Thanks for reading folks, and I will see you next time.



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