Update. September 19 2013

Good afternoon folks;

Today I will just debrief from yesterday’s rather lengthy Telegraphed Gazette Column, as well as throw in the three recent articles for those readers who have not had the chance to read them yet into one – if you will – round up. Let us begin with the post from last night regarding the Quebec Charter of Values.


The idea when I first sought to write on this topic is to really shed some light on what would the two sides get at with regards to the proposed Quebec Charter, and what are the – sort of – arguments from either side. Thus far I see that the reader base has enjoyed the article, and I hope my examples are – were – interpreted as such, and not taken out of context. The thought in my mind however is I do have faith in the reader base here on WordPress.com because it is not like Youtube, and people who dig through articles on this blog tend to be of a more mature audience, rather than a mob of – so to speak – “high minded,” privileged, underdeveloped students who shout down peoples’ opinions with a rather aggressive zeal that would make even a Gestapo officer cringe. Thanks to previous experience on this blog, I am now a bit more confident, and comfortable, writing on such sensitive topics knowing that the reader will be of sound mind when they go about interpreting the text – in theory at least (humor intended).

Looking at it from a particular perspective I can see the need for a head of state – provincial or federal – to be non-partisan when it comes to politics, religion, or what have you (and by extension the public service), and the charter – at least to my eyes – seems to want this as the ultimate goal, rather than exclude a particular ethnic group. Now the article explains these thoughts well so I will not go into details here, but definitely both sides of the coin offer reasonable arguments, and neither side can be said to be in support of a particular ethnic group, or in opposition to – at least in theory. Professors can debate this as long as they please, for it is their duty to engage in such discussion, but rest assured cooler heads will prevail here. Quebec has been known to be the – pardon the pun – “challenged” child of Canada, yet they are still part of us. Will a family throw out a child onto the streets if the child was just a bit hyperactive from some candy, and wants to play on the playground? The link to the article is located below this paragraph: I urge you to read it over if you have even a passing interest in Quebec affairs.


Now onto the rest of the round up – as I already had started it with the debrief of the column article. The first one up is the Planetside 2 semi-review. Now the word “semi” is used, because – like with most MMOs – it is difficult to give a “full review” when all the content in the game is constantly changing and things never stay the same here and there. All I can say to this is the game itself is definitely worth a try if your computer can handle it (sorry console gamers, you will have to wait until Playstation releases it on their devices), and if you have an interest in first person shooters. The link to the article is located below this paragraph.



Lastly we have a Borderlands 2 character review: the Gunzerker. Now I have spent an extensive amount of time playing this character – four months to be precise – and I can say with honesty that Salvador is a fun character to play in Borderlands 2. Duel-wielding any gun, and I do literally mean ANY gun, is an empowering, and enjoyable experience that everyone who owns Borderlands 2 should try. Leveling has never tasted so good as Salvador is not only humorous with the pseudo-macho man attitude, but the actual shooting mechanics feel less restricted than the other characters as Salvador’s main ability is not locking some dude in a ball of energy, or throwing a turret out on the field, but rather it is to pick up the second weapon in either the 2nd, or 4th slot, and fire them both off as if there was no tomorrow. Watch the ammo though, because it can run out fast if you are having way too much fun. You can read more on this awesome character in the article which is at the link below this paragraph.



Alright folks that about wraps up this update for the 19th of September 2013. Thank you all for your support, happy readings, and I will see you next time.


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