Angry Joe’s GTA V review: thoughts, comments, and discussions. Telegraphed Gazette Column. 28 September 2013

Greetings folks;


Angry Joe – the Youtube commentator – is quite the creative man when it comes to his videos. The guy loves to go off the charts when it comes to his videos, and it shows. According to Totalbiscuit, Angry Joe tends to spend more money than he earns on his videos simply out of passion, and love of craft. What I found particularly interesting was his use of the power wheels toy cars; though what really sprang to mind was how did the public react when they saw two grown men playing dress up – for their video of course – and driving around the neighborhood in power wheels. The reaction would certainly be a surprise, especially from myself, when I see two grown men in costumes – well, at least Angry Joe in his police outfit – driving around in power wheels. The man really does the gaming community a service with his creative review videos, and he is quite thorough when it comes to analyzing the games that he reviews. The link to his video is directly below this paragraph: go check it out, it will give you a good 41 minutes or so of entertainment related to Grand Theft Auto V.


However I would like to discuss some interesting points related to his video: namely the mainstream media and their attack on the game itself. Now I have experience with how the old media behaves with a medium that – in a certain way – competes directly with their conventional forms of media. Newspapers and television are slowly dying out as the new generation embraces online articles, interactive entertainment, and various other forms of media, thus it is natural to see the media – at times working with political entities, such as party members, or just independent citizens with certain views that match those of the news outlet – attack the new media in an effort to save their main source of income: the “old guard” variants of media if you will. Angry Joe in his video made reference to a Fox News broadcast in which a woman and two men were actively discussing how to label people who play these sorts of games, and how they could go about “containing” such media sources as to prevent violent crime from occurring.


That moment right there made me think of just how – in certain cases – backwards some people are, and it makes me question just how do they stay afloat, and how far does this backwardness extend, and how deep it is within society as a whole. The idea that a form of entertainment can cause people to become violent, when movies like the Expendables, Terminator, Fast and Furious, Transporter, and Death Race can be equally graphic and violent, and is ignored entirely by the mainstream media just boggles the mind. The hosts of that segment did not even consider looking towards how America – sorry my American viewers but you know Fox News is an American phenomenon – treats people with mental illnesses. That country makes it easier for one to access pornography, guns, and cigars, and yet it fails to make affordable healthcare, and mental health treatment accessible as well. Now this is NOT me trumpeting any form of universal healthcare and such: all I am trying to say is maybe set up more clinics in areas with a higher concentration of people so that the services will be accessible to a larger portion of society. Hmm, well I guess this does mean a certain reallocation of funds towards health centers in local states and municipalities. Yet I have absolute confidence that the US will find a solution that fits their needs to this issue, but ultimately what I was trying to get at is that rather than look towards providing better mental health services, they target an entertainment format and begin to label their clients as “deviant,” with the lady in the clip calling for some sort of list of people who buy the game and play it for X amount of hours. Bollocks guys, complete bollocks.



Now regarding the other aspect in Joe’s video where he talks about how academics on the other side describe GTA V as: “not proper social commentary” because it does not call for immediate action; in what universe does social commentary have to result in revolutionary behaviour? What, so I cannot criticize my government without the need to call for some sort of action against them? When someone dislikes a Subway sandwich, and criticizes it, are they supposed to then firebomb the fast food branch and demand for a new company to take its’ place? People and their opinions ladies and gentlemen, I know on this earth there is always going to be different viewpoints; it just frustrates me to see a lack of rational thinking on subjects such as this. Then again, people develop at varying degrees, and despite all our differences, we can still work together to make a compromise and achieve harmony: for that I still have faith.



The game itself looks quite appetizing – all forms of reactionary thinking aside – and it certainly is a bit of a satire to our modern day lifestyles, patterns of thought, and general behaviour at a time when the economy is not doing so well. Ultimately this sort of “attack the soft points”  tactic will continue to be used by the old guard media until the day comes when they adjust to the changing world, and find a new way to earn money in the ever changing world of entertainment and Journalism. There will always be some kind of resistance to something new, this is not a new phenomenon; but rest assured that cooler heads will prevail. Otherwise, we would not be having this discussion now will we, and I would just be another factory worker somewhere in the western part of Canada, and this blog would not exist. Technology and progress ladies and gentlemen: thank you very much for reading this piece, and I will see you next time.


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