A reflection of the state of affairs. Off the Record. 2 October 2013

Evening folks;

The United States government has “shutdown,” or at least some services have shutdown, Quebec continues to debate the issue of the Charter of Quebec values, and I am at a crossroads point in my blog. The many dilemmas that we deal with on this earth (humor intended); thus let us talk for a bit on what is going on at this current time and place. The background music today – should you wish to follow along – is the Halo Reach Soundtrack on youtube: I felt the music suites this post well, though I personally like the soundtracks from the Halo series, so forgive the bias when it comes to musical taste.

There is a certain sadness to see the United States having to close down much of its government infrastructure so that lawmakers can continue to debate: time is definitely not on their side, and this partisan politics is – seemingly – destroying the institution from the inside. While it may appear very rough and uncivilized, remember that the founding fathers did indeed intend for this sort of difficulty to occur: after all they wanted a limited government, and thus they decided that it was a sound idea to make it so that the government had to pass through hurdles in order to get things done – ensuring that it would be in the interest of the people. All the mainstream media talk aside, I am quite fearful at this moment of what will happen next. Events can escalate quickly in 24 hours, and if the US intelligence chief is correct when it comes to a shutdown being a dreamland for foreign intelligence services to recruit spies who already work for the US government who are affected by this sudden shutdown, then it could spell disaster for all of us. While the United States may have made some questionable moves in the past – Vietnam, the 2nd Gulf War – let us not forget that they seem to be the only force willing to hold together alliances and contribute the forces necessary to complete the mission. The first gulf war was a mainly US effort, Afghanistan saw mostly US, Canadian, and British soldiers doing the fighting, and in Korea the UN special response was mostly anchored by American soldiers and warships. Heck even the second world war, without the support of the United States the war would have dragged on for much longer than it did.

The question then looms over the horizon as we discuss this topic, who will you turn to next: the EU, the Chinese, or the Russians? The EU is a mostly domestic – so to speak – governmental organization that seeks to better the European sphere, they would not be willing to help out Rebels in Libya, or go into engage enemy forces on the Korean peninsula. The Chinese have issues of their own, mostly being rampant political corruption, and political conflict with Japan, Korea, and Taiwan that prevents her from commanding the seas. Rapid deployments are out of the question when there is no sea-based capability available. Finally we arrive at the Russians; is Putin’s Russia really what you want as a “replacement” or “temporary plug?” That country has more issues than it does dollars, and let us not forget that they lack the history of stability and security to make them a trustworthy ally, so it brings us back to the main question I gave to you all in the beginning. While the US is not “heavenly angels singing as soft kittens descend from the skies” perfect, their values are what makes the free world worth fighting for in my opinion.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon; though in all honesty, the soul reason why I am fearful of the US going plop is that the games industry – especially the North American market – might suddenly grind to a halt in some places, causing development of titles to also slow down or decline (slight bit of humor intended). Though in all honesty, it does affect the markets, Canada’s in particular, the longer the shutdown continues.


Forgive me for a lack of direction in tonight’s post, I felt it was necessary to go about it in a sort of “raw fashion” if you will. Right now I am at the point where the blog feels less of a passion project, and more of a chore. The reason why I have not written for the Telegraphed Gazette – Column articles not withstanding – is because I could not locate topics in which to write about. Currently I have a fair amount of homework to work on, and at times I tend to misuse my time in either playing games, or writing on the blog as I am doing at this moment. Luckily however there is nothing due tomorrow, and I still have about four days to fix up my notes until another stack of notes comes in, so I am safe to continue. Point is however the Telegraphed Gazette no longer has the same attraction it once did, and I do not feel the passion in which drove me to write the gazette as I did months ago. Some thoughts on this from my end is I may need to take a break from writing for a bit – at least when it comes to things like the Telegraphed Gazette. The flip side of that is the idea that I should scrap the Gazette itself, and just focus on the column articles, the off the record, the opinions, and the rhetoric sections instead, for they seem more interesting in this present time.

When I write, I want it to be of a good quality: none of this: “lol hve fun good luck luv ya” sort of nonsense. There is a reason why I avoid posting on twitter: the whole hash tag phenomenon is quite worrying as it gives off the impression that today’s tech savvy youth are losing their inheritance; the ability to write in formal English that has been developed and used throughout the centuries. The thought of formal written English becoming just that, is frightening: even simple things like spelling and grammar the youth seem less interested in mastering. Then again I am under 30 years of age, but this does not give them the excuse to straw man my argument and run around with no clothes and/or literacy skills.

There is just no way I can let go of writing, for it helps me practice and improve my writing skills, as is going to the gym to do physical training, or practicing mathematics on a regular basis. Perhaps I need to open up a new category instead – one that I have had in my mind for quite some time. The title of this category will be called, “coffee break,” and it will feature short little articles written more often than the other pieces, featuring myself giving some thoughts and comments on the topic at hand. Now I say topic because the idea with the coffee break is that it is intended to be a very brief, but tasty little bit to go along with your coffee break during a work day, or when you have a bit of time in the evening after dealing with the kids, or after work, and other chores around the house. Shorter articles could help solve my dilemma, but I am uncertain at this time as to whether or not I could pull it off and have it as a separate section from the other categories. These short topics could in a sense also fit into some of these categories, making it redundant to create a new section entirely. Though with lengthy articles less likely, and a growing need to write in short bursts rather than long marathons, the coffee break just might become a reality.


Anyways folks this about wraps up this off the record for the 2nd of October 2013. Thank you very much for reading this and for supporting the blog: rest assured that something good will come out from this reflective piece, and look for more updates to thoughts and topics in the near future. Take care, and good night.

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