The Coffee Break. 4 October 2013

Hello folks and welcome to the first edition of the coffee break: I figured it was time to make my dreams a reality, and well quite frankly, it is my blog, making me the master of this domain (insert evil laugh here). Anyways humor aside, let us get down to the business of writing for today: Elder Scrolls Online, what do I think about it, and just some general hopes and aspirations I have for the game. Let us begin!


Over the past couple of months I have been following a youtube channel named ShoddyCast, and their main objective is to talk about Elder Scrolls Online-related items. Right now they have managed to cover some key questions such as will it be a pay per month, will it be exactly like Skyrim, and will it be like World of Warcraft in the sense of being able to walk from one end of the continent to another. Now the producers of this upcoming title have said that the game will be a subscription-based game, citing that they require additional funds – yes I can hear the pylon jokes now – and for purposes of maintaining quality. Now the ShoddyCast have come up with some interesting supportive arguments as well as counter-arguments in that the developers want to monetize the game on a monthly basis citing quality, but then you look at titles like Guild Wars 2 and how successful that game has become. Then there is the comparisons to other games that tried to go down the subscription route and failed, namely The Old Republic. When it comes to quality, the game itself will not be exactly – code for code – like Skyrim because of technological limitations. While a player can run around naked, stealing sweet rolls, they might not be able to pick every lock on every door, or take a cup and drop it on the floor and proceed to do this action for the entire city of – for example – Whiterun. Though at this time however the game is still in development, so changes can come soon, but until then this is what we have to work with.


Now in terms of traveling, because the game is centered around 3 factions fighting one another and for the center province of Cyrodiil (as the game is set before the time of the Empire in the Third Era) there will be limitations to how far a player can run before walking up to a instance gate – so to speak. The continent will not be like WoW as players probably will – notice that it is still in development and is currently accepting Beta testers – be locked to their faction-specific section. Disappointing news indeed as I was hoping to see some sort of endless exploration: I recall WoW was fun not for the dungeons and what not, but because I could take my mount – or just on foot – and go from the northern tip of Kalimdor, to the far south-eastern end of the Eastern Kingdoms, to the cursed earth of the Outlands. Exploration – especially in today’s MMOs – are a key feature, and will keep a player engaged for a while as new content continues to pour forth from the “forges.”


Going back to the quality aspect, if the developers cannot make this game at least entirely explorable – player enters hostile territory at their own risk – then the justification of a monthly fee is null and void. These things are critical to an MMO, and TES fans (The Elder Scrolls fans ) will be disappointed if they cannot do what they were able to do in previous installments of TES games. Regardless, the title does seem to hold much promise, so here’s hoping that they will fix these “issues” and when the game releases, deliver an experience unlike any that we have experienced before. After all, an Elder Scrolls game just would not be the same if I cannot run around naked, pick locks, and set people on fire. Guards not withstanding because they keep on gawking at the fact that the warriors from Hammerfell have curved swords, which entertains me as I walk through the streets of Whiterun. Anyways thank for reading folks, and I shall see you next time.


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