The Coffee Break. 5 October 2013

Well folks, I feel like a fool. Earlier today I ran into an article from a CBC – The Canadian Broadcast Corporation – radio show of which I “thought” it was real! The article spoke of how Canada’s Transportation Authority wants to implement a car horn honking language with 54 combinations. Suffice it to say this was not the first time I was tricked as earlier in the year, another article from – I discovered this today – the same radio show spoke of how the Canadian soccer federation wants to ban goal-keeping so that all kids who play soccer will get to feel good about themselves as there is no winners, or losers.



News satire is not something new, but my goodness I was tricked, and now I feel like an idiot. Though to be honest this is not something serious as being tricked into handing over money, or any sort of personal information. Yet I still cannot shake the feeling that I was made of fool of, in front of my friends as well. This felt like a big sledgehammer to the genitals, though much less gory and life-threatening. Yet with all that aside, this gives me an idea: I should do a news satire show! Well okay it will not be a show, rather an online newspaper that satires current events and global affairs. Now the Telegraphed Gazette is not a satire; it is a news/opinion piece, but a satire gazette on my blog? Sounds interesting, and it could help advertise my blog as well in the process. The good thing about satires is that it can be easily duplicated, taking only a few hours to formulate a good news story like: “the United States of America has voted unanimously to develop a Mechwarrior program to combat nuclear warfare, and to secure her southern border,” or something along those lines.

Anyways folks, I hope you enjoyed this edition of the coffee break – sadly at my expense (humor intended). Before you head off for the day, be sure to check out my thoughts on Angry Joe’s video on GTA V here:

My reflections on the current state of the blog here:

and finally the previous coffee break located here:


That’s all for today’s coffee break folks. Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

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