The Coffee Break. 8 October 2013.

Social sciences has always been an interesting field; full of ideas and exploration. Yet with all its interesting bits, there is always one aspect of this particular field of study that makes any student think twice when taking it: statistics. Thus far my formula sheet has compiled a list of well over some 26 different formulas, all of which have to be memorized. Now this would not be a problem if the student was a fabricated machine of which any formula can be inputted, and stored for years like on a flash drive. Let us be honest here folks, the formulas will take time to memorize, but it is the sheer insanity of it that does not make sense; do researchers memorize formulas when they are at their desk writing up reports? Possibly, but the truth is hidden due to the fact that there has been limited exposure to that field, though let us assume that this is not the case. After all when one is conducting research, one must be accurate and on the point, rather than trying to dig up some long forgotten set of symbols to calculate out a population sample’s mean, median, and mode.



Yet all of this – “insanity” – is not as serious as what I am about to tell you. The site Elite Daily recently featured an article of how a young 7 year old boy from China is dying from cancer, and only wants to see his birth mother one more time before he dies. Now normally I do not cover stories related to tragedy as I am rather well versed in life and death as a whole, but this story in particular strikes me as insulting mainly because the mother has refused – that is right, REFUSED – to see her son. The article cites that the women has a new family now, and is not interested in seeing her dying son. Sadly for the child, the tumor in his brain leaves him with a short life span, and a high possibility of – before he dies – blindness as the tumor is slowly crushing his optic nerves.

What sort of woman would not see her dying son – even if she is in a new life with a new family? Come on it is not like the boy is going to live much longer, thus you do not have to deal with his father – if that was the stress factor of the relationship – for much longer. The boy is almost going to pass through the gates of heaven to see god, why not let him have his wish and send him off with a happy memory. No child deserves to die like this, and no parent should ever have to bury their child, but such is reality, and such is how nature is when it comes to mortal beings. Should this lady miss the chance to see her son one last time, she will regret it. Once someone is dead, they are dead. No re-spawns, no medic revive, nothing. Death is permanent, and such is the nature of things.

Ultimately if the woman does not wish to see her son, there is no way to force her into doing so: she will just have to live with the choice she made, and bear the burden – if she even has a heart to begin with. The link to the story is located here:

Well that was a bit depressing now was it not? Apologies for this, but there was a feeling that it was necessary to get this story out there. Now onto some release news for gaming (sorry to switch gears here so suddenly, but we need to move on), the game Chainsaw Warrior is now out on Steam. Released not too long ago, this game was an really old Games Workshop title that came out way back in 1987, and it was a single player card game that focused on random draws. There was a digital version back in the early 2000s, but was shortly removed from the shelves by Games Workshop. Now in 2013, it has re-emerged onto the market, and it has not changed one bit – according to Totalbiscuit. The title is a single player game that mainly relies on random draws, and ultimately was built – at least this version was – for mobile devices. There is a chance that I will be playing this game, but for now here is the main bit: it can get boring real fast, and with no multiplayer element to the game, it might not be something you will want to purchase. However for all the downsides, it does seem to be entertaining if you only have half an hour before work or school, and you want to kill some time. Look it over, and see if it is right for you; I will probably look into it at a later date as it is only 5 dollars, and could be like Poker Night 2 where the single player aspect does little to damage the experience.



Anyways folks that concludes this edition of the Coffee Break: before we conclude, if you missed the last edition of the Coffee break, the link is located here:

Thank you very much for reading, and I will see you next time.


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